Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The LOVE of my Life

I kind of realized over the weekend that I have a bit of a problem.  When it comes to fashion I'm like a kid who's been deprived of candy but one day gets trapped in a candy store.  Well that candy is my fashion!!!   And unfortunately, I have been deprived for so long that I tend to over do it.  I try to maintain my compsure...telling myself to breath in and out like I'm in labor BUT I just can't help myself!!!  My heart races, my palms get sweaty, and my spending budget gets BIGGER and BIGGER with every fashion-find I grab.  Well this weekend I did it!!!   While in New York for New Years, I ventured into Harlem with one thing on my mind ..."PayHalf"!  This store is great and one of my NY favs!!! The entire second floor is loaded with racks-and-racks of plus size clothes.   And even though my heart was pounding and my hands felt like butter I bought BIG, BOLD, and BEUATIFUL while managing to stay within my BUDGET!!!  I walked out feeling not only satisfied with my newest wardrobe adds but GUILT free too!!!  The trick...only walk away with The LOVE of my Life (; 

Pics of my new loves coming soon!!!!

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