Monday, June 11, 2018

Keep Pushing

Let me preface by saying that this post is more for me than for you. I am writing about my weight-loss journey because it's an opportunity for me to hold myself accountable and encourage myself to keep pushing. In the fall of 2016 I was diagnosed pre-diabetic and instantly freaked out. Most of the people in my family have diabetes or high-blood pressure and I promised myself that I didn't want to be the next. However, despite my resistance to the same diseases that plague large numbers of African Americans nationwide I was not doing anything to prevent myself from becoming part of the statistic. Well that Fall 2016 diagnosis was my wake up call.  I immediately began adjusting my eating habits (NOT dieting, it's a lifestyle change) and increasing my activity level (not always working-out, sometimes just moving around). So far, I've lost a total of 35 lb. which for some is no big deal but I celebrate every single ounce because it hasn't been easy.  And more importantly, I am no longer pre-diabetic, my numbers have been normal for a year now!!!!  It has been a very slow process but you know what they say, "slow and steady wins the race."  I have had great weeks when I've lost 2 to 4 pounds and I've had horrible weeks when I've gained 5 to 7 pounds. But thankfully for a year and a half now, I've managed to trek down more than trek up. When I have a bad week I don't throw in the towel for the rest of the month, I work extra hard the next week or two to kick that vacation food or wine fest tasting or Netflix and chill snacking in the butt.  So how have I lost the weight:

1. Eating a high protein breakfast
2. Limiting carbs to one serving daily (ie. 1 slice of break or 1 cup of pasta)
3. Consuming lots of vegetables raw and cooked
4. Eating fruits low in sugar (raspberries, blackberries, grapefruit)
5. Getting 30 min. of activity five days a week
6. Packing my lunch at least 4 out of 5 days
7. Planning my meals for the week
8. Eliminating stress from my life

I have made such great progress but I want to lose more weight, tone my arms, legs and of course my stomach and increase my endurance.  So, I have to keep pushing because the best is yet to come!