Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Le Diner en Blanc

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of attending one of the most highly anticipated Washington events of the summer - Diner en Blanc DC.  The all-white, secret diner party, which started in Paris (hence the sexy french name) and is now in more than 70 cities worldwide, definitely lived up to the hype. This was not your average white-party, this was an ALL-white, who's who of Washington, flash-mob style shindig on steroids.  EVERYTHING was all white, tables, chairs, decor, attire ... even some of the wigs :).  It was my kind of affair; glamorous, avant-garde, tons of fun and exclusive.  Although, 4,500 people attended the DC extravaganza, more than 35,000 names were on the wait-list according to USA Today.  I can't lie, leading up to the event my friends and I were scrambling trying to get all of our white necessities...table cloths, dinner napkins, flatware, and of course outfits.  The whole time thinking, damn this is a lot of work ... this better be worth it.  Well, it definitely was.  The mere fact that I was dining and dancing in the middle of Pennsylvania Ave, just 10 blocks from the White House, and didn't get arrested :).  As for my all white attire, I went to Fashion to Figure ... one of my go-to favs these days, especially for inexpensive but cute ensembles.  Yes, I'm still on a budget and definitely living #FrugallyFly now more than ever ... remember I am a new homeowner :).  I had one desire for my look - SEXY!!! Well, after searching for about a week, the FTF store in Annapolis Mall came to the rescue.  As one of my co-workers exclaimed, "You look like a Grecian Goddess!"  I'll take that :). As for my accessories, the pearled out glasses were made by fashionista icon Raqui of  I-Wear by Raqui.  The necklace was a gift from my amazing mom this past Christmas and the shoes were a summer 2016 purchase from Zulily.  So here's the look and more pics from Diner en Blanc DC 2017.