Thursday, April 16, 2020

Celebrations NOT Cancelled

You might be just as surprised to hear, as I am to admit, that my quarantine birthday was actually fun! Just as I planned, I hosted a virtual happy hour that was attended by many of my friends.  Several cousins and family friends also stopped by to surprise me! You know the virtual turn-up was real when people leave the party tipsy and/or wake up with hangovers. We listened to music, we danced, we played games, shared stories and laughed a lot. It was good for the soul and exactly what I needed. I also had a parking lot dinner date with two of my closest friends. They treated me to Thai Food since we were supposed to be in Thailand for my birthday. We also jammed out to T-Pain and Lil Jon’s DJ battle on Instagram Live. I'm thankful for everyone who helped make the day special from gifts and cards to text and calls! One of the ways that I made the day special was by simply dressing up. Yes, that’s right, I got fully dressed to sit in my living room on day one and to sit in my car on day two. LOL! Dressing up is me. I refused to let coronavirus fully change what I would normally do on my birthday. I always get dolled up, wear a cute dress, do my hair, put on make up and eat good :) ... so that is exactly what I did. And, when you look good you feel good. And on my birthday I felt great. So here’s how I kept it cute, yet frugally fly for my B-day.

Forest Green Off the Shoulder Midi Dress from Rainbow - $10
Shades of Pink Floral Headband from Amazon - $10
No shoes ... LOL!

Pink Crop Top Sweater from H&M - $5
Floral Wide Leg Pants from Gordmans - $10
Blue Pointed Toe Shoes from Rainbow - 10