Sunday, March 26, 2017

Hostess with the Mostess

 Last weekend one of my favorite cousins tied the knot with her Prince Charming. It was all the things that scream love ... romantic red roses adorned the room, smooth sounds from the saxophonist set the mood, red dimmed lighting added just the right touch of sexy, and the bride, groom and entire wedding party looked like Hollywood. Well, yours truly was one of the hostesses and I was honored and happy. Honored to participate in such a special occasion, while happy to not have the responsibilities or financial obligations that come with being a bridesmaid. Yes, I'm still committed to my savings goals and getting well adjusted to being #FrugallyFly. However, I agreed to being a hostess not realizing how significant the role would be. That wedding had me running around like a chicken with its head cut off. But I must say, I was one cute chicken. I managed to find the perfect all black formal dress, as requested by the Bride, at Fashion to Figure. I've been in numerous weddings and I've never had a dress that cost less than $100. I found it just after the New Year when FTF still had its holiday/party wear out. But the winning cost was just the beginning - it fit the best of all my past dresses, felt the most comfortable and got me the most compliments. I even had a coworker stop me in the hallway nearly a week after the wedding just to tell me how much she loved my dress. I guess it made a lasting impression. As for the rest of my ensemble, the jewelry, clutch, and shoes I already owned. The necklace was purchased at Cato Fashion and bracelets from Pandora and my local beauty supply store ... opposites right, oh well it matched. The clutch was a gift that I received from a dear friend when I was her maid of honor. And the shoes, I purchased a few years ago at a thrift store. Here's how it all came together!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sequin Savings

So, I recently lucked up on one of the greatest buys. I was recently hanging out with my mom and grandma in little ole Kilmarnock, VA. And in usual fashion, we shopped, ate and shopped some more. Well one of our stops was Cato Fashion. Cato happens to be where I worked in high school (I've always had a crush on clothes) and one of my secret shopping weapons. You typically fine Cato stores in rural town and very small cities. The great thing about that is there are non in DC, there for very unlikely that I'll see someone rocking the same look. It's one of my go-to shops for work and church attire. So, when I stumbled upon a $12 party dress, my heart skipped a beat. Ironically, the beau and I had a gala coming up so the timing couldn't have been more perfect. I scooped that dress up and a few other bargains. So, here it is ... black, gold and silver sequin babydoll dress...