Saturday, January 24, 2015

Fat Fit

Today while scrolling through Facebook I came across an amazing photo gallery by Rebel Circus and I just had to share. Some say, never mind, MOST say size does matter. However, for the "Curvy Girls Who Nailed Yoga Moves" size is like age...nothing but a number. The gallery got me thinking about fitness vs fatness. Who says fat girls can't be fit? Yes, I know all about heart health and excess weight around the mid section and blah blah blah. But that's not what I'm talking about. For example in my younger years the worst day of my year, every year, was the mile run fitness test during gym. I typically didn't mind gym, in fact I liked gym, but on this day I HATED gym. Nonetheless, in order to pass I had to suck it up and run that mile. Every year, I barely passed the requirement but every year I wasn't alone. In fact one of the stragglers alongside me was the smallest, most petite girl in my school. Every year she was finishing right with me, if not behind me. Needless to say, the Rebel Circus gallery made me feel WONDERFUL about my BBB life and even reminded me of an important fact that I often forget as I struggle with my weight. That fact: health and fitness is not just about a size!!! 

Since I was inspired...I hope you'll be too. Here's the link to the full gallery and a few of the amazing yoga enthusiasts are pictured below! Eat your heart out 😁 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Faux Fur Fever

Ok, so I usually don't do this but I have to take a moment to slay!! Yes, I said it...slay. No hard feelings but more than three years ago when I first made faux fur a winter essential my friends, foes and fam were giving me the elevated eyebrow. Now, that "sally sue" (aka miss plain jane) says it's okay...everybody wants to rock a faux fur.  If it was so called "extra" three years ago, its definitely extra now.  Ok, pause...let me fix my face. Now that I got that out the way let me give you Big, Bold and Beautiful women the number one tip to rocking the Winter 2015, must have trend.

1.) Go VEST!!! There's just something about fur that makes BBB women look 10 pounds heavier...and let's face it...whether on or off camera no one (especially a bbb woman) wants to look bigger than she is. So I've found that going with a vest as opposed to a coat/jacket gives the same whip appeal without the added pounds. 

2.) Don't be afraid to sinch it. You know the deal! We do it with cardigans, blouses, and even dresses. If it's not curve flattering we'll use the number one sinch tool in the book...a BELT. To be honest with some furs it's just a must.  

3.) This is my final tip...ZIP it! That zipper adds a certain element of "thin factor" that we sometimes need. A great example of this is shown in the Ashley Stewart faux shown below and the Cato Fashions faux which, might I add, is reversible. Can you say BONUS!

Here's one of my favorite owned faux furs which I purchased more than two seasons ago at Cato Fashions for dirt cheap...and yes, I gave it a BELT. Also pictured are a few current season faux furs that I'm eye balling.  These are all under $40. Please ladies, don't go out and buy an expensive fake fur. The point of going faux is to conserve your dollars. Besides...with this trend, it's all about how you pair it...not the fur alone.