Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hands~Feet Chemistry

Eventhough I've never really touched on this topic, in my opinion your hands and feet are just as important as the clothes on your back.  I'm often asked how I get my nail polish to last so long or how I decide what color works best for me.  Well, I am not a fan of matching things, so you'll rarely hear me say, I'm getting orange nail polish to match my orange dress.  NEGATIVE!!!  However, I do like bright things and because I'm a brown skin sister, light colors work well for me.  My complexion gives it that extra pop/standout appeal.  Now, to be honest...I live in the pinks, purples and reds...what can I say, I'm a girlie-girlie!  But you have to decide what's RIGHT for YOU.  So, what's the trick to a long lasting manicure?!?  It's called Gel Polish.  It's a little heavier than the average polish and it doesn't chip after two days.  Most professional salons have started using this product because of the popularity but beware not all of them use the best brand.  I've had several types...even OPI has there version but I found the best to be the "Gelish Soak off Gel Polish by Harmony."  Unfortunately, this manicure will cost you $25 instead of the normal $10 but it will last for two weeks instead of two days.  Now on to my feet.  My skin is not smooth like butter and my feet are no exception.  So in order to not look like I walk around on rocks with no shoes on, I rely on an OLD remedy that my grandmother taught me years ago.  At night, right after a shower and right before bed...I rub my feet down in Vaseline, wrap them with seran (plastic bag will also work) and sleep in sox.  Don't laugh...I know it's not the most attractive thing but it works like magic.  You do that for two nights back to back and your feet will be smooth as a baby's bottom.


Some of the available Gelish colors by Harmony

Thursday, March 22, 2012

How Short is TOOOO Short

So the age old question that today's designer is oblivious to has snuck up to bite me in the booty.  I bought an absolutely fabulous dress for my b-day but it's waaaaaay tooooooo short.  How do I know?  1. When I stand up straight and hold my hands straight down the dress doesn't reach the tip of my finger.  2. When I bend over your eyes take a joy ride. 3. If I sit down my sensitive area touches things that I'm uncomfortable with (toooo much for my OCD). 4. My mother would ask me if I've lost my mind.  Now, I tried this dress on in the store and I certainly don't remember it being this short.  I even had a co-signer to agree.  So I have several options and I have two weeks to figure it out.  I can wear tights but I'll have to change my shoes.  I can wear leggings but I don't want to wear leggings on my birthday.  Or I can buy a new dress but I like the one that I already have.  Decisions-Decisions!!! Stay tuned...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Please Don't Leave Me

So, I'm having a bit of anxiety!!!  My work-out buddy is thinking of taking a job on the west coast and although I'm SUPER excited for her, I'm secretly screaming "PLEASE Don't Leave ME!!!!!"  Working out with someone is like magic...I have tricked my mind into not just working out on a regular but actually enjoying it.  Knowing that someone is committed to meeting up with you for your health and for theirs gives you the motivation to keep trucking.  In between now and the fate of my workout buddy, I will enjoy having a partner to the fullest and prepare my mind for losing out on one of the best things since slice bread.  Hopefully, now that I have a solid routine in place, I can be my own motivator and if not there's always FaceTime. 

Monday, March 19, 2012


This latest post is strictly an ode to one of my favorite cousins.  You're favorite people are usually associated with the things you have in common and let's just say shopping for me and my cousin isn't one of those.  She and I love the movies, road-trips, good food and more but SHOPPING wouldn't even make the "we're bored" list.  I love to shop but she hates it.  Now only because she's looking for something to wear to a wedding did she ask me to go shopping with her over the weekend.  Me, I'm ecstatic...My Cousin, she's terrified.  We get in the store and I pick out several really great outfits that I know will work for her.  Picking out clothing is the easy part.  The hard part is getting her to try them on.  How in the HECK is she going to know if she likes it by eyeballing it on a hanger.  Then I get the age old excuse..."well if you try it on then I'll know if I like it or not."  NO YOU WILL NOT!!!  My cousin was blessed in all the areas that I was not.  She's almost a foot taller than I and her boobs are double the size of mine.  Then I get the second age old excuse..."well it's my size, I'm sure it will fit."  NO YOU ARE NOT!!!  Every store has a size chart for a reason, you may fluctuate a size if not two depending upon the store.  So, I don't care how many excuses you can come up with in a five second interval...when you go shopping with me, you will be trying on each item before you buy it!!! 
Happy Monday!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Protect Yourself

Get your mind out of the gutter!!!  Now, I'm a true believer that everything happens for a reason.  Just weeks ago I was ragging about the lack of support when transferring to a healthier lifestyle.  Then I ran into a homegirl from high school who's like the workout queen.  Not only will she come to me for a good workout but she's like Richard Simmons times two in the motivation department.  Now all my superwoman exercise was supposed to help not hurt me.  Well no such luck!!! Just yesterday, I found myself seeing a chiropractor.  Ok, so I could say I'm never working out again, or I could complain for ever and blame the world for my pain.  But the fact of the matter is, I didn't protect myself.  I over did-it...trying to go 100 miles per hour when I'm in a car that only goes up to 50 (at the present).  But more importantly, I didn't protect my feet.  Whether you're walking, jogging, swimming or whatever, you need the right gear.  My walking shoes were worn out like an 8track.  All-in-all, it could have been worse...just a little case of tendinitis. I'm already back walking, but this time I bought my protection. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Women are the most amazing creatures on earth for sooooo many reasons!  It's the unique beauty, personality, style and strength that I admire about every woman that I know.  But no matter how powerful we think we are, there's one word that has the ability to break us down every Summer.  That one word...BIKINI will make a grown woman sprint into panic mode.  When it starts to get even a little hot outside, the least athletic of all women will start doing sit-ups, push-ups, juicing and more.  Now for the big girl, all it takes is the mention of a bathing suit to send us into cardiac arrest.  But it doesn't have to be that serious.  There are tons of suits for women of all sizes that look sexy and still conceal in all the right places.  Check out these designs by Monif C. (one of my favorite designers)... she has a number of options for thicker women of all shapes.  And don't forget the "BBB pick of the Week"'s a bikini for the big girl (another Monif C. design)!!!


Shape: APPLE

Shape: PEAR


Monday, March 12, 2012

FTF in the DMV

First of all, I have to thank all of my girlfriends for constantly looking out for me.  They know how much I love shopping and how often I rag about the lack of options for plus size divas.  So after receiving several phone calls about a new store in Prince George's Mall, Fashion to Figure (FTF), I had to take a quick adventure.  Quick because this mall is less than 15 min. from my house, adventure because finding something worth buying at PG Mall is quite difficult.  Now because I never frequent this mall, I never know what's there.  But with the addition of Fashion To Figure, I now have a reason to visit.  FTF is a very trendy clothing store for sizes 12 - 26.  I'm talking about your club wear, weekend chill but cute wear, beautiful accessories, and a few business casual tops and skirts.  Now, I did buy a shirt and a dress (shirt pictured below) but neither have been washed yet so I can't vouch for the quality of their products.  However, the price range was extremely reasonable, $20 - $30 for a shirt and $30 - $60 for a dress.  So all in all I would say it's worth a visit if you're looking for something cute and affordable when you don't have time for your online order to arrive.  Now, because I'm a journalist at heart, I don't mind harassing people for info.  So while stalking one of the Sales Associates, I found out that FTF was founded by two brothers who are the great-grandsons of Lena Himmelstein Bryant Malsin....yes designer and founder of Lane Bryant.  I love this story for two, these guys are super smart to use a product that their grandmother had major success with and revamp it for today's woman.  Secondly, I love that FTF will be a major competitor of Lane Bryant (now owned by The Limited Inc.).  This was evident from the two lonely shoppers in Lane Bryant, while directly across the hall, FTF was packed to the max!  So I leave you with one of my new favorite quotes (it's posted on all the mirrors in the new FTF store).  In 1950 when Lena Bryant was asked by Glamour magazine what's the secret to her success, she said, "You should never ask women to conform their figures to fashion but rather bring fashion to the figure."

FYI-this mannequin doesn't do this top justice LOL!!!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Don't mess with my hips!

Congratulations to Ananda Marchildon, model and former winner of "Holland's Next Top Model."  She won a lawsuit this week against her former agency, Elite Model Management.  She sued after she was dropped prematurely from her three-year contract because she failed to meet the 90 centimeter hip measurement required by Elite.  However, when she won Top Model, thus gaining this contract, her hips already measured at 92 centimeters even then.  First of all, we're talking about 2 freaking centimeters.  Second of all, whether her hips are 90 centimeters, 92 centimeters or 95 centimeters...I'm sure not a single being would have classified Marchildon as FAT. This is the problem with today's young women.  It's this obsession with beauty and bones that makes people have low self-esteem, starve themselves, and in some cases commit suicide.  For some people the pressure is to much to handle and's really not that serious!!!  So if you haven't had a burger in a while (beef, turkey or veggie), I say treat's only two freaking centimeters!!! 

Photo of Ananda Marchildon provided by Sloggi

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

FFF Week

Full Figured Fashion Week 2012 is going down June 13 - 16 in where else but NY!!!  Of course me being me, I'm already browsing the site...trying to find out what designers will be there, who this year's sponsors are and more.  In doing so, I find myself on the page dedicated to the featured models of FFF Week (check them out) and who should I see listed (picture and all) of my old co-workers.  When I first met Autumn Richardson, it was about 5 years ago, I had just graduated from undergrad and I was working as a Marketing Clerk for Kings Dominion.  At the time, Autumn was working on her degree and was just starting her plus-size modeling career.  Now, she's one of the face-off models for the 2012 FFF Week.  So major-major-major kudos to Autumn Richardson!!!  Do your thing girl...I'll be cheering you on!!!

Exotic Bird Photo Shoot
Autumn Richardson

Photographer: Edward Lee
Makeup: Kara Mitchell

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Curvy Girl Shopping Guide

How did I ever miss this amazing feature, "Top 20 brands for Curvy Girls," posted to the Essence Magazine website last summer!!!  I'm sooooo excited, there were several brands that I had never heard of and I thought I knew EVERY curvy girl label that's ever existed.  I'm even more excited that this list did not include the MALL HAGS...Ashley Stewart, Lane Bryant, Avenue, Torrid ... you get the picture.  Never mention to a clueless (AKA size two, always been a size two, never will be a size three) person the lack of fashion options for plus size women, they're quick to play "devil's advocate" pronouncing the MALL HAGS.  However, the Essence Magazine list was pretty all encompassing from jeans, to beach/summer gear, everyday work/casual, formal and more.  I look at it like a great shopping guide.  If you're looking for something very specific like a new bathing suite or little black dress,instead of going to the mall aka google, go to these individual sites and search specifics.  You'll never find what your looking for at the mall and google ... well it's google.

Happy FRIDAY...Happy SHOPPING!!!! 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

America's Next Top Model NOT

Last night was the premier of America's Next Top Model and I just want to go on record saying that "I hate the new show idea!!!"  This season titled "British Invasion," will feature former contestants of "Britain's Next Top Model" competing against new American girls hoping to get their modeling breakthrough.  Well I see two major issues with this.  One, the show is called "AMERICA'S Next Top Model," so why are British women competing?  Two, the competition doesn't match-up equally.  You have a set of women who've already appeared on an exact version of this show (just in another country) competing with women who've only modeled in front of their bathroom mirror.  Now is that a competition?!?!?  Well Tyra, you could have did the talls vs. shorts, thin vs. plump, blondes vs. brunettes.  Anything but Brits vs. Americans on a show that starts with the word "America's."  I'm still deciding if I'll be watching this season...go figure!