Friday, August 2, 2019

Crutching My Style

We've all heard the phrase "cramping my style" right? Well for the first time in my life I truly understand the definition. No my parents haven't become over-protective in my 30s, I don't have a jealous boyfriend to speak of and I haven't miraculously become a mother within the last month. However, I did have meniscus repair surgery which left me hopping around on one leg for six weeks, living with my mother in rural Virginia and missing all signs of sanity, summer and style. If you've never had to use crutches then let me spare you the horrible details. But if you have, then you know "the struggle is real." I'm blessed to be on the second leg of my recovery (literally). I'm still walking with the crutches but at least I'm putting weight on both legs now. I quickly learned to maneuver my body on crutches but I hate to admit it took me a little longer to maneuver my style. However, once I found a mix between practical and popping, I was good to go. So, I hope you NEVER have to use this list, but just in case you do. Here are the top three wardrobe necessities that will make your life A LOT easier while preventing crutches from cramping your style.
1. Dresses
--Specifically knee length dresses. Long dresses can trip you up and pants add an extra level of difficulty when using the facilities ... try pulling up your pants standing on one leg. :)

Rainbow Plus Size Camo Cami Dress

2. Sneakers
--Sandals and heels aren't ideal when relearning to walk, so I've worn sneakers more in the past two months than I have in my entire life. Sneakers with dresses are very trendy right now, which is a plus.

Puma Suede Bow Block Women's Sneakers

3. Backpack
--Luckily stylish bookbags are also trending but regardless you'll need it to help you carry everything from food to your iPad from point A to point B. So in other words, leave the hobo bag at home.

Women's Fashion Quilted Backpack