Thursday, May 20, 2021

Don't Give In & Don't Give Up

Dear BBBThink Divas,

I try not to talk about my weightloss journey so I don't annoy people or seem like I'm always patting myself on the back. However, when I'm reminded of something that I think others can benefit from, I can't help but to share. Full transparency ... I have tried to lose weight literally my ENTIRE life. I was a chunky kid, I was an overweight teen, and a morbidly obese adult. I have tried almost EVERY diet known to man, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Adkins, Slim Fast and the list goes on. I have joined too many gyms and tried too many exercise plans to count, Curves, LA Fitness, Zumba, Water Aerobics, Trampoline Workouts and more. And don't let me get started on all of the diet supplements from B12 shots to "It Works" products. I even tried those weird diet sprinkles that you shake on your food before you eat it, which were supposed to help curve your appetite. At least I got a couple of bucks for that one when the company was sued for false advertisements. Oh well, I say all of this to say. DON'T GIVE IN and DON'T GIVE UP! Don't give in to the hundreds of weight loss tricks and gimmicks. Some actually work well like Weight Watchers but most of them are TRASH. And don't give up when you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. When I was at my largest weight, diagnosed pre-diabetic and feeling hopeless when it came to my weight that's when I saw the light. I literally went back to the basics and began thinking, what can I do that will not stress me out even more and what can I maintain this week, next week, next month and next year. For me that was walking. Every time I got on the phone, I would stand up and walk or march in place. It was simple, the time flew by because I was talking (which I love to do, LOL) and it was easy to be consistent with. Before I knew it, I started shedding pounds and by the time I went back to my doctor, I was no longer in the prediabetic range. It wasn't until years later that I began to kick it up a notch, doing more intense workout routines and tracking my calories through my fitness pal, which I had also tried on and off for years before I became consistent. But the bottom line is just DON'T GIVE IN and DON'T GIVE UP. You will find something that works for you. You will find something that you can maintain and be consistent with. If you're reading this and want to brainstorm ideas to help you live a healthier and more active life please reach out. I am ALWAYS  happy to help.  

Then and Now