Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Black Girl Magic

I recently had the pleasure of attending The Black Hair Experience. This unique pop up exhibit and selfie experience was a wonderful reminder of how magical Black women truly are. When my friend Megan asked if I wanted to go, I said “sure” without knowing if it was a museum, hair show or what. But in typical Robin fashion, I just said sure because I knew I would want to check it out regardless. Well I am so glad that I did. It was more of an experience, as the title states, than a museum. But nostalgia was written all over the building. From old school posters and cassette tapes to hot comes and sponge rollers (which I recently wore to bed might I add), it took me way back to the days of getting my hair braided with beads in the kitchen to tearing out pictures of celebrities in magazines to show my beautician. Hair has always been a statement piece sometimes more than the clothes on our backs. And this experience reminded me how much I love being a black woman, having black hair and having the creative ability to rock an Afro one day and a blowout the next. Simply put, Black Girl Magic! 

Oh, and what did I wear … a Black Lives Matter shirt made by my cousin, a pencil skirt from Fashion to Figure and sparkly tennis shoes ordered on Amazon.