Thursday, May 21, 2020

Body Buzz - My 10 Secrets

So, I did a thing called lose weight. I don’t often publicly discuss my weight loss journey because I have not, nor will I ever be done working on my mind and body. You see, some people have 10, 15, 20 pounds to lose, others are trying to drop an entire person (sometimes 100 lb. or more). Granted both goals are challenging, but for those of us who are attempting to drop weight that takes months or even years to lose, we have to make serious lifestyle changes. Even once you’ve reached your goal, you have to continue to live the new life. A life that you likely didn’t live for the first 30, 40, 50 years of your existence therefore the possibilities to backslide and revert to familiarity are always lurking. It’s a lifetime commitment and if you’ve struggled with your weight since the beginning of time than you know the battle is real, the struggle is overwhelming and the drive to keep going is necessary. The reason I am finally writing this post comes on the tale-end of a casual picture that I recently shared on social media which sparked a little buzz to say the least. I received an array of calls, texts, DM’s, etc. all asking the million dollar question ... “how did you lose weight?” No I didn’t get surgery, no I didn’t do a fad diet, and no it didn’t happen over night (in fact, I’ve consistently been on this journey for over three years now). So, here’s the tea on how I have managed to lose over 50 pounds. Wait, were you looking for the quick and dirty version? If so ... I ate healthy and I  Seriously was that basic! However, for those who want the play by play, here are the deets.
  1. I eat a high protein breakfast ... eggs, yogurt, cottage cheese, veggie sausage, turkey bacon, etc.
  2. I keep lunch light because dinner is my favorite meal of the day ... turkey sandwich, tuna and crackers, salad w/ grilled chicken and light dressing, etc. 
  3. For dinner I go heavy on the protein and veggies w/ little to no carbs ... steak, half of a baked sweet potato and greens; turkey burger and Caesar salad with light dressing; baked chicken and string beans; salmon and broccoli; etc. 
  4. I definitely snack as well, but I try to stick to the recommended serving size ... a piece of fruit, tortilla chips and salsa, hummus and carrots, ranch and celery, ice cream in a portion controlled cup, cookies, etc. 
  5. Additionally I meal prep on Sundays so that I avoid eating bad when I’m starving or pressed for time. 
  6. I avoid sugary drinks by only drinking water except a glass of wine a few times a week :). I was also recently introduced to a low calorie / low carb hard seltzer, TRULY, which is my new jam.  
  7. I limit eating out to twice a week, usually on the weekends which is also good for your pocketbook. 
  8. I track my calories in My Fitness Pal which is a great tool that I first recommended here on the blog back in 2012. I've sporadically used the app for years but have been consistent now for about six months. 
  9. I weigh myself once a week, on the same day of the week and typically first thing in the morning.  FYI, weighing yourself daily will likely drive you insane. By the way, I invested in a smart scale which I'm loving. 
  10. And last but certainly not least, I exercise 25 - 30 min. per day. I usually do an aerobic workout that I find on YouTube. My favorite videos are by Team Body Project.
Obviously every human body is different so this may not work for you but hopefully some of the things that have helped me in my journey will help you in your journey.

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