Monday, January 10, 2022

BOGO Done Right

If you’re not already hip to the game, let me school you. The best time to shop for clothing and many other items is right after the holidays. Suppliers are shipping out new merchandise and stores are eager to make room for spring and summer goods. And what better way to get rid of old stuff than to run a deal so good that customers can’t refuse. Well this weekend those after Christmas sales gotta sister. Usually I can avoid them by simply avoiding the stores. But, I received a super cute sweatsuit from my brother and sister-in-law for Christmas that was too big … so off to the mall I went to exchange for a smaller size. Honestly, I was excited to get out because the foot of snow that hit the DMV last week kept me in the house. Well, I made the mistake or maybe I should say, I strategically parked by Forever 21 just so that I could walk through and casually browse the sale section. Well I’m glad I did! There clearance was buy one, get one free. So I bought two pair of shorts and a few other items but the shorts were the star of this receipt. Now granted there’s still snow on the ground, it’s 20 degrees and clearly I won’t be wearing shorts unless I go on vacation (which is always a possibility in my world). I couldn’t, wouldn’t, shouldn’t pass up on this deal. The bargain on these shorts was so good I didn’t even try them on and that’s saying a lot for me because I try on EVERYTHING! I got two pair of shorts for a grand total of $3. Yes, each pair was $1.50. They were originally $30 each and marked down to $3 and then buy one, get one free. Yes, I’m repeating myself … partly because I’m excited and partly because I’m still pleasantly surprised. The icing on the cake, I got home and tried them on and they are so cute and fit perfectly! Check out the pics below, go shopping and enjoy the after holiday sales. Oh, and if you find a good sale, let a sista know.