Thursday, May 31, 2012

My BLACK Aint Better Than Your BLACK

HAIR - the ultimate accessory that can make an outfit banging, a face glow and men and women take a second look.  It’s that accessory to beauty that we never forget but often under estimate.  Well NATURAL HAIR, for black women, is that new-new accessory.  It’s that handbag that every other black woman is dying to buy BUT why?  They’ll all rant and rave about the plight of a black woman and the revolution of us going back to our roots.  BUT REALLY, really though…your footprint back to the motherland???   Now let’s be real sisters…all of us did not get a bad perm, rediscover our roots and decide to show our Caucasian-Persuasion coworkers, friends, and neighbors that we are all from AFRICA in the same 5 year time-frame.  What’s wrong with simply saying it’s the cool thing to do, I’ve been getting perms for so long I don’t even know what my real hair looks like, or I was bored and needed a change.  It’s nothing wrong with that!  But the thing that baffles me the most, is the NATURAL haired sister that brags about her mane and criticizes her girlfriend for being in love with “Dark and Lovely in a jar.”  Just because you wanted to rock that twist-out doesn’t mean that you’re better, doesn’t mean that your blacker, doesn’t mean that you’re prettier.  It simply means you made a choice and that choice is yours the same as your friends choice to keep her hair fried, dyed and laid to the side.  In reality, your friend’s decision NOT to go natural may have a little more weight on it today.  Her permed hair may show her strength and individuality! And in fact it may show that her BRAVE-HEART is a little bigger than yours.  WhY? Because it’s easy to jump on the bandwagon…it’s easy to do what everyone else around you is doing.  But it’s hard to be the sister walking around with your hair still fried.  You might ask, well damn BBB aren’t you natural?  Well of course I am, BUT my black aint better than your black.  I made a decision and I don’t care if the sister to my left is bald and the one to my right is permed…what’s mine is mine and what’s theirs  is theirs and I love them all the same!    

Yours Truly, 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Sleep Away the Pounds

I only have one friend that gets the required amount of sleep on a regular basis.  The rest, usually get as few as 4 or 5 hours a night.  And yes, I am sometimes in that sleep deprived bunch.  But I can't do it any more!!! By 11pm I'm sooooo tired that I can barely think...not alone hold a conversation, drive home from the club or walk to my house.  Not only does lack of sleep alter my mood, but I get those terrible bags underneath of my eyes, I look like crap, my body feels like I'm 80 and my skin even gets bumpy.  Well I've made up in my mind that I'm not doing this anymore!!!!  I don't care what I think needs to get done from night-to-night, I am going to get not 8 but 9 hours of sleep.

Check out this great article called The Best Weight-Loss Trick Ever... 

Monday, May 7, 2012

PASS the bar

Who doesn't love a good alcoholic beverage from time-to-time???  Well I know I do!!!  I'm not a regular drinker but depending upon the occasion or my mood...halfway through the day my inner-self starts singing the "Margarita Song."  Unfortunately, the Margarita that I like (frozen with salt on the rim) is one of the quickest ways to pack on the pounds.  So, I did a little research and stumbled upon a really cool site, "Get Drunk Not Fat."  This website breaks down the caloric intake of over 100 liquors, wines and beers.  I think I'll find it very helpful in the future.  For example, if I've already eaten close to my limit for the day and I know I'm meeting up with friends for drinks.  I can take a look at "Get Drunk Not Fat" and decide what my bar poison will be before I even arrive.  Happy MONDAY...if it's one like I'm having GET DRUNK NOT FAT!!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Cheap Upgrade

Now that I am halfway through my 3 month "Shopping Rehab" I've started to reflect upon my most memorable bargains.  Well right around the beginning of March, I came across a fabulous skirt while helping my cousin shop for work clothes.  As always, I wasn't supposed to be looking for myself but sometimes something catches your attention and wont let go.  In this case, it was the sparkling sequins of a Lane Bryant skirt.  I wasn't sure where I would wear the skirt but it was $5 marked down from $80 so I just had to try it on.  To my surprise, the skirt fit like a glove! Hugging and concealing and all the right places.  So needless to say, I walked out with that skirt.  Still not knowing wear I would wear it but then I remembered having to attend a formal gala for my job.  So, I came home and paired that skirt with a see-through ruffle top and black heels to match ... and I was set.  An event that I anticipated purchasing a $100+ dress for turned into my cheapest outfit of the year.

Just reminiscing until I can shop again!!!

Skirt: Lane Bryant
Top: I don't remember (Lol)
Jewelry: Silpada and Macy's

At the Convention Center

My co-worker Patricia and my Silpada Consultant

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Flaky Folk

I know you think I'm getting ready to write about dry skin, the positives of eating corn flakes or the pound packing abilities of flaky biscuits.  Well, it's not that complicated.  What happen to the days when trust was of the essence or the notion that one's word really is bond.  To expect the average person from looking you in your face and given you a lie the size of Africa, the length of the Nile and the strength of a Maasai Warrior would be like wishing for snow in July.  I'm a true believe that karma really is a B**** and it will surely come around to BITE you in the ARSE.  So do unto others as you would have them do unto you and maybe your dreams will come true.  But until you do, accept all your bad karma for what it is.  Why?  Because you did it to yourself.  Simply put, be a better pays!