Friday, May 4, 2012

Cheap Upgrade

Now that I am halfway through my 3 month "Shopping Rehab" I've started to reflect upon my most memorable bargains.  Well right around the beginning of March, I came across a fabulous skirt while helping my cousin shop for work clothes.  As always, I wasn't supposed to be looking for myself but sometimes something catches your attention and wont let go.  In this case, it was the sparkling sequins of a Lane Bryant skirt.  I wasn't sure where I would wear the skirt but it was $5 marked down from $80 so I just had to try it on.  To my surprise, the skirt fit like a glove! Hugging and concealing and all the right places.  So needless to say, I walked out with that skirt.  Still not knowing wear I would wear it but then I remembered having to attend a formal gala for my job.  So, I came home and paired that skirt with a see-through ruffle top and black heels to match ... and I was set.  An event that I anticipated purchasing a $100+ dress for turned into my cheapest outfit of the year.

Just reminiscing until I can shop again!!!

Skirt: Lane Bryant
Top: I don't remember (Lol)
Jewelry: Silpada and Macy's

At the Convention Center

My co-worker Patricia and my Silpada Consultant

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