Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Puerto Rican Foodie

I'm currently planning my retirement for the year 2000 and IDK. Regardless of when it will occur, at least I know the location ... beautiful Puerto Rico it is. I have traveled to a number of places throughout the Caribbean, Central and South America. As a matter of fact, this was my second time visiting Puerto Rico. However, this trip hit different. Not sure if it's because I desperately needed a vacation coming off of months of recovery. Or the stress of working in media during an impeachment inquiry. Nevertheless, it was right on time and did not disappoint. The weather was 85 degrees during the day and 75 at night. The people were extremely friendly and although I used my Spanish a little, most people spoke English. I loved that I didn't have to worry about converting the dollar since of course it's a U.S. territory. I also enjoyed not having to go through airport customs because that's always a pain. And last but certainly not least, the FOOD!!!! Everything that I ate was delicious!!! Lots of fried breads and dough, lots of cheese, lots of rich seasonings and flavor. Basically everything that I love! Mmmmm writing about it makes me want to book another flight right now, just to get some of the amazing dishes that I ate. Hopefully by the time I retire, I wont care what the breads and cheeses do to my waistline. So I know I usually recap what I wore, but since this trip was all about what I ate, I think it's more fun to relive that. If you're ever visiting PR, here are the places you must go to.

1. Bistro Cafe, Isla Verde ... Best Brunch EVER!

2. Los Chamos Arepas ... Best 24 Hour Food Joint!

3. Raices ... Best Traditional Puerto Rican Dishes!

4. La Pocita, Pinones ... Best Authentic Latin American Food!

5. Cala Pool Bar and Grill ... Best Poolside Bar!

6. Isla Verde Beach ... Best Beach Vendors for Food and Drinks!

7. Brava Night Club ... Best Cheap Drinks and Music!