Wednesday, July 15, 2015

BBB Favs

Jewelry and me go back like babies and pacifiers. We're like peas and carrots. I rock it like white on rice. Ok, I'll stop now...I know you get the picture. Well I was recently introduced to body jewelry. Yea, yea...I know I'm late. Anyway, I love it!!!  Jewelry this time a year, especially in my neck of the woods, can be hot. Not like "the bomb" in the 90's. Hot like I'm burning up because it's already 95 degrees and I just had to add a piece of chunky jewelry to my neck. With that being said, body jewelry doesn't add an extra layer of smother but still adds a piece of pizzazz to any summertime look. So, although I'm late to the game...I hope this upcoming announcement is new and useful to you. So listen up. Don't go to the latest designer store, online boutique or any of those other overpriced fashion conglomerates. Go to your neighborhood Wal-Mart because you'll save a fortune. I usually don't promote anything Wal-Mart but when I found out that I could get a whole sheet of body jewelry for $1.00 I couldn't resist.

Well if you're not a fan of body jewelry...forget this rant. However, if you are a fan...make your way over to your nearest WallyWorld. 

Happy Summer!