Monday, December 29, 2014

NYE Scouting

It's that time of year when sequins, studs and sparkles are trending! New Years Eve is just two days away and I, like hundreds of other women, am scouting for that perfect ensemble to bring in 2015. This week is always one of my favs for shopping because you can catch outstanding deals. Like Fashion To Figure's 40% off dresses and 50% of clearance sale which is happening right now. Can you say steal!!! So needless to say...that's where I started my hunt! Checkout the add below and a super cute #ftf dress I selfied from the fitting room! Happy Hunting...oh, and...Happy New Year

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

I Love My City

Regardless of the season, Washington DC has so much to offer for singles, families, the elderly, international tourist and even co-workers. My colleagues and I recently visited the US Botanical  Gardens for their "Seasons of Greening" exhibit and it was amazing. Besides the thousands of beautiful plants, flowers, trees and other greenery from around the globe, the exhibit featured special mini replicas of some of Washington's most famous buildings and monuments. Ohhh... Hold-up... Did I mention it was FREE!?!?!  I digress :)
The occasion is ideal for those of all ages. Especially the kiddies. The adventures available include a model train, scavenger activities, touch and smell exhibit and more.  So if you live in or visiting my neck of the woods check it out. You'll love it too!

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (my favorite holiday)


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Protest Gear

Ask and you shall receive! Believe it or not my protest gear consisted of an odd bunch of my warmest pieces...haha! Nonetheless, here's the rundown.

P.S. - Don't mind my "mean mug" ... It was a heavy occasion.

Poncho - Forever 21 Plus
Scarf - Old Navy
Leggings - Ashley Stewart
Boots - Marshalls

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Social Action

I would never consider myself an activist and this blog is definitely not a platform for social action. However the things I wear are BIG, the things I do are BOLD and the things I love are BEAUTIFUL. Well yeaterday, December 13, was a BOLD and BEAUTIFUL day. I participated in the National March Against Police Violence held in DC by the Nation Action Network. My linesisters and I marched alongside thousands of Black, White, Latino and Asian Americans from Freedom Plaza to the Capitol Building.  I can't say that our efforts will bring about change today or tomorrow but I'm optimistic for our future sons, grandsons and great-grandsons that they won't have to march for the same cause because we've already done so for them. We heard awesome words of motivation to keep the momentum going from Rev. Al Sharpton, Sybrina Fulton (Trayvon Martin's mom), Esaw Garner (Eric Garner's wife) and more. Respected celebrities such as Spike Lee and Judge Mathis even marched alongside us (not to mention a few politicians and tons of journalists).  It was definitely POWERFUL and a day I'll never forget. #blacklivesmatter #bluelivesmatter alllivesmatter

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Natural Hair Craze

I know, it's cliche to be "black and natural" these days.  However, in my defense, I did it before it was popular and for very good reason. That reason being the blisters that appeared throughout my scalp after receiving a relaxer that was too stronger. Ever since that day, I vowed to leave the creamy crack in the jar. However, I debate about relapsing every time I have to wash my mop. So even-though I'm not really on a natural hair journey, Ive been fully natural for years now, I still recognize the constantly evolving relationship that I have with my hair. After a recent discussion with my cousin about the pros and cons of natural hair, I feel the need to encourage women to be free. Free to be natural, free to be relaxed, free to be curly, free to be pressed or free to just be whatever the he** you want to be. I'm natural because that's free for me but sometimes I'm curly, sometimes I'm straight, sometimes I'm just lazy and weaved or braided out. For BBBThink, this is a NO judgement zone so be your kind of FREE!!!  Oh and excuse or enjoy my many duck faces. :)