Thursday, December 20, 2012

2012 Trend Review

I have to admit I'm a trendy girl! I love to know, follow and of course set the trends. The idea of following trends is often looked down on but in fact I find it be positive in some ways. It definitely keeps us connected as a global society and it's refreshing to accept change even if it's just in a pair of pants. The unfortunate piece is that people are ostracized for their lack of desire to follow trends. Now THAT I don't agree with. Even a trend connoisseur like myself is not impressed by all trends.  That doesn't mean they aren't cute or worth rocking...they're just not for ME!!  So here are some of my 2012 trend Favs and Nays.


Color Jeans



Oversized Clutches

Studded Flats




Different Color Nails

Studded Shoulder Pads

Ear Cuff

Sunday, December 9, 2012

CI Ready

Clutch Instincts is officially off the ground and running!!! This online boutique for vintage and consignment clutch purses has been all the buzz. From cocktail parties to brunch with friends has something for all occasions. For nearly 10 months the Clutch Instincts gals have been collecting merchandise, developing the website, setting up the business logistics AND NOW ... FINALLY everything is in place. All of the products are directly for sale through the website. Check it out and find a clutch that matches your fashionable instinct!!
OH, you can also find Clutch Instincts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest!!!