Thursday, July 23, 2020

Public Service Announcement

This is a Public Service Announcement! If you’re not supporting Black businesses right now more than ever before than you must be sleep, aka not WOKE. I saw a meme that said if you’ve ever wondered what you would have done if you lived through slavery, the jim crow era or the civil rights movement it’s exactly what you’re doing right NOW. I recognize that everyone can’t protest and everyone can’t donate big dollars. But what you can do is buy Black.  From fashion and food to house-ware, health and beauty ... buy Black. Supporting Black owned businesses has so many positive effects.  Just recently I was speaking with a friend who’s frustrated about the lack of Black centered news programming and television shows. I informed him that historically, Black news shows have not been successful. They suffer from low ratings and low advertising interest. However, increased success in Black businesses could boost ad sales for Black centric news programming. Obviously this is just one indirect positive reason to support Black businesses but there are host of others direct and indirect ... providing jobs, economic independence, cultural pride and more. Simply put, “I’m rooting for everyone Black” - Issa Rae. So here are just a few of the awesome Black owned businesses that I’ve supported over the past few months. And yes, most are food related...don’t judge me ... I like to eat.

Ruby's Southern Kitchen

K'See Eyewear

Unique Experience Eatery

Sylvester Maith - Independent Contractor

Seafood Cartel