Monday, April 26, 2021

Birthday Behavior

Dear BBB Think Divas,
My birthday is always a special time of reflection and rejuvenation. This year was no exception. Lots of reflection on the past year, a little rejuvenation, but also lots of tears. More tears than usual. I miss my mom EVERYDAY but I miss her even more on special occasions. And ironically this year my birthday fell on Easter so it was quite the double whammy. Nonetheless, my family and friends made it a day or shall I say a week of joy, laughter, good food and more. I kicked the celebration off with my amazing friends and family at Robin Hill Winery in Maryland. Yes, I know, such a befitting name. I spent my actual birthday at my grandma’s house with my dad, brother, sister-in-law, nieces and nephews. They spoiled me with cookout food (a fave), lots of gifts and a surprise sip and paint night. It was wonderful!! And I wrapped up the celebration with a girls trip to Virginia Beach. Normally I would have had some exotic escape planned but due to COVID I kept it low key which turned out to be just what I needed. Sometimes you go a away and come back more exhausted than when you left, VA beach was the opposite. It was just what I needed, a little sun and sand. What I learned this year, life is literally precious, literally short and should be lived to the fullest. I wanted to crawl in a hole and wait for everything to pass by. But with the help of a few special people, I pulled myself together, got dressed up, did my hair and makeup, put one foot in front of the other and stepped into another year. I guess the point of this entire post is to tell my village how much I love them and blessed to have them. Thank you ~ Thank you

So I know y’all just want to know what I wore, LOL! Well here it is and yes, I kept it very frugally least for the most part.
Shirt - Madrag ... Pants - Ashley Stewart ... Shoes - Walmart
Headband - Shein ... Ring - Street Vendor in Miami ... Purse - Chanel
Bathing Suit- Shein ... Headband - Forever 21
Shirt - Madrag ... Pants - Forever 21 Plus ... Shoes - Walmart ... Purse - Vintage
Swimsuit - Shein ... Necklace - Witter Shop
Jacket - Rainbow ... Pants - Fashion Nova ... Shoes - Walmart

Dress - Rainbow ... Headband - Forever 21 ... Sunglasses - I forgot, LOL!! 

Monday, March 1, 2021

Off to the Awards

Dear BBB Divas,

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Who’s going to award shows during a pandemic? Well no one. Well actually, a select group of celebrities but even most of them are watching from home and accepting their awards on Zoom. Well tonight were the Golden Globes and it got me thinking. Since I won’t be attending awards, galas, etc again this year, I should get all dolled up and watch the 2021 awards from my home. Yes, I know a bit extreme but it’s kind of like spending your money on a staycation. You didn’t even leave your neighborhood but you still felt like you went somewhere when you returned home. So here’s to getting all dolled up...fancy dress, face beat, hair did, nails did, everything did and having a feel good night in your living room. And if you’re looking for cute, inexpensive fancy dresses checkout Shein. I got a number of dresses for my cousins wedding last year. Don’t judge me, I ordered eight because I couldn’t decide, four from Shein and four from TB Dress (only six pictured because two of the TB Dresses never arrived). Let me know if you take my advice or have other fun self care ideas during a pandemic. 


Shein Dresses

TB Dresses

Saturday, February 13, 2021

BBBThink Lives On

Dear BBBDivas,

I debated long and hard about discontinuing this blog. In December I endured the devastating loss of my mom which has not only rocked my world but caused me to reassess EVERYTHING. However, the more I thought about BBBThink and its readers, I realized that it’s a healthy outlet for me and them. So, I’ve decided that the blog will live on. However, the information may look, feel and be presented differently or less frequently but I hope you come along for the ride. So on to my favorite new trend. Are you wearing headbands? I hope so because I’m rocking them and loving it! Forever21 is running a sale through Feb. 16, additional 50% off all sale items. I purchased these five head bands for the grand total of $4.50. Shein also has cute headbands for the low low, as seen in the photo below. Or just stop by your local beauty supply store which is where I bought the colorful stretchy headband also pictured below. Happy shopping...happy trending. 

Love, BBBThink

Saturday, October 24, 2020

A Week to Remember

This has been a week to remember and I'm glad about it. Last Sunday I was contacted by Megan Rivers, a reporter with the Washington, DC CBS affiliate WUSA9. She was working on a story about people gaining weight during the pandemic, better known as the "COVID-19 15" pounds. However as opposed to interviewing people who've gained weight, she and her producers preferred interviewing someone who'd lost weight. Well that someone was me.  Although a little apprehensive, I decided to do the interview with the hope that my story will inspire and encourage others.  I was honored by the opportunity to share my experience and my weight-loss journey publicly. I enjoyed the time to reflect on on how far I've come (even going through old photos with my mom and grandma) and I'm still stunned by even my own success. I'm also thankful for the many family and friends who reached out to me, shared the news segment, offered congratulatory messages and words of encouragement. Frankly, I was overwhelmed, in a good way, by the out-pouring of love.  The news story turned out to be a hit, well at least in my eyes. It touched on the main points, I didn't look or sound like a complete fool and last but certainly not least it inspired others to get moving and make healthier decisions. So here it, check it, I hope you enjoy!

Monday, September 28, 2020

8 Things to Do After You Lose Weight

Ya'll ready for a praise report? Yay!!! Thanks for celebrating with me in advance. Although, I've seen movement on the scale for years now, it wasn't until recently that I noticed changes in my clothing. Over the past few weeks I've tried on several items that once fit including a bathing suit, a pair of shorts, a dress and jeans only to discover they're too big and in some cases down right falling off of me. Many of the items are things I hadn't worn in a while because I've been in my house for the last six months (due to COVID) wearing leggings and tank tops, which always seems to fit. The irony is that although I've known that my body has transformed, it was only because the scale told me, people told me, my A1c numbers told me and so on. It didn't fully register in my eyes and in my mind until I tried on clothing that once fit. Isn't that funny that we know but until we see we don't always believe. So what do you do when you realize half of your wardrobe is too big. 

1. Take a video to document your excitement, success and progress. 

2. Start a donation pile for Goodwill or whatever your charity of choice may be. 

3. Call your momma or whomever is your biggest fan so they can do a hallelujah shout with you.  

4. Celebrate with your favorite dessert...mine is ice cream. Yum Yum!!

5. Purchase a few new pieces (but don't go overboard because you're still losing weight).

6. Find somewhere to go and show off your new clothes and new body. 

7. Exercise because you're never done working on becoming a healthier you.

8. Thank God for progress and motivation to continue pushing. 

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Self Care - Self Love

Last night the world was shocked and shook by the passing of Chadwick Boseman a.k.a. Black Panther a.k.a. Jackie Robinson a.k.a. Thurgood Marshall a.k.a. James Brown and so many more. Boseman was only 43 years old but he played so many iconic roles and touched so many lives during his short time here on earth. It’s sad that we didn’t know he was sick but yet so poetic that he chose to keep his pain private. This reminds me that life is bigger than our personal struggles and that we all have an assignment to do for God. He was already bigger than life in our eyes. Little Black boys and girls and grown men and women were marveled by the Black Panther. Now knowing all that he was going through further exemplifies him as a hero. Unfortunately the last few weeks have been full of losses for me personally. Hell the last few months, the entire year of 2020 has been full of losses for the culture, for our people. I lost a high school friend Larry to a heart attack. I lost a family friend Mrs. Francis to cancer. Both within the past month. Last year was a rough year of losses for my family but my mom and I joke that 2019 ain’t got "ish" on 2020. So yes, we’ve had a bad day, a few bad weeks, a few bad months but we will bounce back. Our people are resilient and strong. So I'm going to have a self-care Saturday and Sunday and then get back to business. I hope you do the same. Here are five ways that I showered myself with a little self-love this weekend. 

1. Watered my grass and flower garden.

2. Gave myself a mani / pedi.

3. Wrote in my journal.  

4. Had a cocktail ... frozen margarita to be exact. 

5. Spent time with a dear friend. 

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Public Service Announcement

This is a Public Service Announcement! If you’re not supporting Black businesses right now more than ever before than you must be sleep, aka not WOKE. I saw a meme that said if you’ve ever wondered what you would have done if you lived through slavery, the jim crow era or the civil rights movement it’s exactly what you’re doing right NOW. I recognize that everyone can’t protest and everyone can’t donate big dollars. But what you can do is buy Black.  From fashion and food to house-ware, health and beauty ... buy Black. Supporting Black owned businesses has so many positive effects.  Just recently I was speaking with a friend who’s frustrated about the lack of Black centered news programming and television shows. I informed him that historically, Black news shows have not been successful. They suffer from low ratings and low advertising interest. However, increased success in Black businesses could boost ad sales for Black centric news programming. Obviously this is just one indirect positive reason to support Black businesses but there are host of others direct and indirect ... providing jobs, economic independence, cultural pride and more. Simply put, “I’m rooting for everyone Black” - Issa Rae. So here are just a few of the awesome Black owned businesses that I’ve supported over the past few months. And yes, most are food related...don’t judge me ... I like to eat.

Ruby's Southern Kitchen

K'See Eyewear

Unique Experience Eatery

Sylvester Maith - Independent Contractor

Seafood Cartel