Monday, August 8, 2022

Wedding Flow

I love weddings, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned in the past. Well this is absolutely my favorite wedding look. When I say this came together perfectly, it came together perfectly. The dress was sexy yet classy, unique yet appropriate, fit beautifully and made me look skinny. The shoes were comfortable, stunning, creative and sophisticated. The jewelry was elegant and cheap. And my hair, well I did it myself and let’s just say your girl did that. Thanks grandma for the hair style recommendation! The entire look, from the dress to the jewelry came from Shein. Full disclosure, I did have the dress slightly altered for length and calf fit. All together, with the alterations, this ensemble cost $150.

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  1. Absolutely mesmerizing wedding cinematography! The moments captured by Wedding Flow's talented team are truly cinematic masterpieces. From emotional exchanges to candid smiles, each frame tells a beautiful story. Kudos to the entire team for turning precious moments into timeless memories!