Monday, September 28, 2020

8 Things to Do After You Lose Weight

Ya'll ready for a praise report? Yay!!! Thanks for celebrating with me in advance. Although, I've seen movement on the scale for years now, it wasn't until recently that I noticed changes in my clothing. Over the past few weeks I've tried on several items that once fit including a bathing suit, a pair of shorts, a dress and jeans only to discover they're too big and in some cases down right falling off of me. Many of the items are things I hadn't worn in a while because I've been in my house for the last six months (due to COVID) wearing leggings and tank tops, which always seems to fit. The irony is that although I've known that my body has transformed, it was only because the scale told me, people told me, my A1c numbers told me and so on. It didn't fully register in my eyes and in my mind until I tried on clothing that once fit. Isn't that funny that we know but until we see we don't always believe. So what do you do when you realize half of your wardrobe is too big. 

1. Take a video to document your excitement, success and progress. 

2. Start a donation pile for Goodwill or whatever your charity of choice may be. 

3. Call your momma or whomever is your biggest fan so they can do a hallelujah shout with you.  

4. Celebrate with your favorite dessert...mine is ice cream. Yum Yum!!

5. Purchase a few new pieces (but don't go overboard because you're still losing weight).

6. Find somewhere to go and show off your new clothes and new body. 

7. Exercise because you're never done working on becoming a healthier you.

8. Thank God for progress and motivation to continue pushing.