Monday, October 31, 2022

Impromptu Halloween

I’ve admittedly dropped the ball the last two Halloweens. Three years ago, I specifically planned to be Wednesday Adams and it was perfect for 2020 which felt like a year of Wednesdays. However, last year and this year I definitely did not plan. So, at the last minute I had to scrounge together items in my home to make an impromptu Halloween costumes. Now, when I say impromptu, I mean looking for anything that isn’t my every day wear. This can be a blessing and a curse for someone like me. A blessing because I’m a shopaholic so I always have options. A curse because my style is eclectic so the likelihood of me wearing something the other 364 days of the year that others would only wear on Halloween is very high. Actually, both years having my eclectic style has paid off well. So maybe no curse, just blessings. In 2021 I managed to pull off a flower child look with bell bottoms and a flower headband. It worked, especially considering I pulled it together on October 30. Well this year my friends and I got tickets to Trap Karaoke (side note: if you haven’t gone, go…it’s a whole hip hop vibe)! Well when my friend asked me the morning of the party what my costume is, my reply was “oh, we’re wearing costumes. Nonetheless, I pulled together what’s now one of my favorite Halloween looks. I was a saloon girl. A corset that I’ve had forever but had  never worn was the star of the ensemble. And who doesn’t love a brim hat and boots with fringe. When I say it came together nicely, I’m being modest. I was cute! The outfit was cute. This one made my top 5 Halloween list. Not bad for impromptu.