Saturday, October 24, 2020

A Week to Remember

This has been a week to remember and I'm glad about it. Last Sunday I was contacted by Megan Rivers, a reporter with the Washington, DC CBS affiliate WUSA9. She was working on a story about people gaining weight during the pandemic, better known as the "COVID-19 15" pounds. However as opposed to interviewing people who've gained weight, she and her producers preferred interviewing someone who'd lost weight. Well that someone was me.  Although a little apprehensive, I decided to do the interview with the hope that my story will inspire and encourage others.  I was honored by the opportunity to share my experience and my weight-loss journey publicly. I enjoyed the time to reflect on on how far I've come (even going through old photos with my mom and grandma) and I'm still stunned by even my own success. I'm also thankful for the many family and friends who reached out to me, shared the news segment, offered congratulatory messages and words of encouragement. Frankly, I was overwhelmed, in a good way, by the out-pouring of love.  The news story turned out to be a hit, well at least in my eyes. It touched on the main points, I didn't look or sound like a complete fool and last but certainly not least it inspired others to get moving and make healthier decisions. So here it, check it, I hope you enjoy!