Thursday, June 27, 2019

Lovin Lizzo

Yes, I'm lovin Lizzo!  If you're wondering who's Lizzo ... you betta ask somebody baby (said in my 90's voice). Lizzo is a singer/dancer/performer and body positive activist. She's confident, talented and yes, she's plus size. I began following her more than a year ago when I got a glimpse of her plus size black girl magic IG page and fell in love. Well since then, Lizzo's career has taken off. Just within the past week, she's performed at the BET Awards and MTV Movie and TV Awards. I was already in her corner but I watched both shows and fell in love with her even more. To semi copy when Issa said she's "rooting for everybody black" ... well I'm rooting for everybody plus size and Lizzo is no exception. And just to add, she's well deserving of my support and not just because she proudly shows off her curves, dimples, stretchmarks and all. She got on stage at the BET awards with a bodysuit on and danced while singing and playing the flute. Yes, I did say the flute. So how can I not love and support her. So if you haven't listened to her music, caught a glimpse of one of her performances or scrolled through her fabulously body positive IG page please do so immediately. In the meantime, here's her super cute BET performance. Lizzo, keep up the great work! I'm rooting for you!!!