Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Big Girls Like Boots Too

It never fails, every year I have more than a handful of women who ask: "Girl, where you find your boots? I love sharing my fashion tips for the BBB girls so of course I go down the list of stores that carry REAL wide calf boots. Whomever I'm chatting with is usually trying to write faster than I talk, type it in their phone, or begging me to email them the info. So, I decided to compile an ongoing list of "BBB's Wide Calf Boot Favs"!!! I will add to this list from year-to-year and repost every fall to remind my Big Girls, and any woman with a little extra in the leg/calf area, that YES...there are in fact boots for you too. They are few and far between and mostly online stores but they do exist (WINK WINK). It is quite sad that you can't just walk in a store like Macy's or Nordstrom and purchase a pair of boots that you can actually zip the entire way. In fact, it's insane how narrow boots are made. Some barely fit my arm...they dang sure wont fit my leg. I've NEVER EVER been able to find boots by just walking in a mall. I've always ordered mine. It's unfortunate because even online the BBB options and styles are limited but atleast they are there. Also, one of the tricks that I've learned over the years is to have a piece added to my boots. I know it sounds a little crazy ... but ladies, it really works. You can go to your favorite shoe repair place and ask if they have the ability to add material to the zipper area of your boot. This can be pricey, roughly $40-$50 depending upon the make of the boot, but it's definitely worth it. So my advice is to find a reasonably priced boot and then just add a piece to it. Also, a lot of the online stores will send coupons to your email so don't hesitate to use them. Jessica London is always sending 30 or 40 percent off coupons so if you find a pair of boots for $80 and get 40 percent off code you're down to $48. Then add the cost of the shoe repair your only back up to $88...not much more than the regular price of the boot!!! See I'm a learn ya...haha! Last but not least, don't believe the hype. Just because the seller is advertising "Wide Calf Boots" check out that size chart first. I know that my calf is about 17 inches so I need a boot that's at least 18 inches especially if i'm wearing them over my jeans/leggings or whatever.

BBB's Wide Calf Boot Favs
Jessica London
Simply Be
Woman Within
Lane Bryant
Fitzwell (via Zappos or 6pm)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It's Math Not Rocket Science

Yesterday, the Associated Press released an article titled "The Funny Math of Clothing Sizes". Me being me, I immediately knew this had something to do with plus size fashion. Well I was correct! Not only did the AP release this story but it was picked up by several major news outlets accross the nation. Well needless to say I'm not surprised that fashion designers are doing some Halloween Trickery when it comes to measurements. Year after year, clothing gets smaller and smaller. And plus size lines still only make up 9 percent of the entire fashion industry. RIDICULOUS!!!! What happen to the good ole days when having a little extra thigh meat was SEXY. What about breast that reminded the world what being a woman was all about. Well in this article "The Funny Math of Clothing Sizes" we learn alot about the clothing industry and why plus size women are too high risk for tight pocketed fashion designers. And besides ... who cares about BIG women...they don't dress fashionable. I hope you can hear the sarcasm in my writing. Oh Well! Now I'm just venting! Never the less, it was a great article with great insight. It gave me a little hope that one day more designers will wake up, smell the roses and realize that we Plus Size Girls have money to spend too and not to look like our Grandma's loveseat. Check out the'll enjoy it too.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fall Picks for the BBB Gals

Jessica Simpson Moto Leather Jacket

H&M Infinity Scarf

Fashion To Figure Belted Pepulum Top

Ashley Steward Leopard Print Jeggings

Avenue Two Tone Riding Boot