Friday, April 22, 2016

Monif C in DC

One of my favorite plus size designers is hosting a pop-shop in DC, tomorrow 4-22-16.  This is a great opportunity to try on some of the beautifully designed pieces.  If you've seen her stuff online but was too afraid to buy for fear of how it would's your chance.  Also, she'll be on site so stop by and say hello to Monif C.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Becoming 30 and Over

My special day was just about "a week ago" and it was amazing!! I started the celebration off by having dinner and drinks with some of my favorite chicas - cousins, friends and sorority sisters. Then Bae and I celebrated with a short road trip to Williamsburg, VA where we staycationed at the beautiful Greenspring Resort.  Just when I thought the celebration was rounding off, my colleagues surprised me with the cutest party.  All I have to say is homemade desserts were involved!  Last but certainly not least, Bae took me to the Katt Williams show at the Verizon Center. Katt is one of my favorite comedians so needless to say I left with a stomach ache.

As for my Birthday slayidge ... Here are the details. And yes, I'm still practicing "frugally fly" and all of these items were in budget - minus the watch but it's not new. :)

1. Polka Dot Dress - Fashion to Figure
2. Burgundy Studded Hat - Icing (gift from my cousin) 
3. Gold Chunky Chain Necklace - Olive Ole
4. Black faux leather purse - Clutch Instincts
5. Gold Watch - Michael Kors
6. Burgundy Pointy Toe Flats - Mad Rag 
    (I added the gold embellishments...details coming soon to

Thanks for all of the birthday village is the best!!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Diva on Deck Essentials

This morning was one of the very rare occasions when I did not check the weather before I went bopping out my house (clearly I was running extremely late).  Well, when I sashayed my way out the door, it was pouring down raining.  I immediately started to hyperventilate (bc my freshly blown-out hair and mother nature are not exactly BFF's).  However, I soon remembered that I have the cutest, little umbrella in my bag.  And just like that ... crisis averted. That got me thinking about the 5 small essentials that every diva needs on deck at all times...even if you're rocking a small purse or in a rush.

1. Umbrella ... preferably small enough to fit into a medium sized clutch.

2. Lip Color ... it's amazing what a little pop of color can do if you're having an off day or didn't have time to get totally beat.

3. Lotion ... especially for the brown girls (white knees, elbows and knuckles aint cute).

4. Gum/Mint ... I like onions, enough said.

5. Wipes ... you never know if you're going to have to freshen up. (Wink ~ Wink)