Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Not Beach Body Motivation

Tomorrow is officially the first day of Summer 2017 and this post is for the BBBthink beauties everywhere who are determined to proudly show skin from now through Fall. If you're feeling a little self-conscious, no worries, Full-Figure Model #AshleyGraham and #SwimsuitsForAll have a new commercial that's sure to have you feeling yourself.  This will give you the motivation, confidence and determination to put your big-girl bikini bottoms on (literally and figuratively) and take your tush to a pool, beach, backyard ... something-somewhere.  So pull out that two piece, high-cut swimsuit, coochie-cutter shorts and whatever else you're avoiding.  Trust me when I say I feel your pain, I aint lying to make you feel better. I know how hard this can be! As I've openly admitted many times before, I HATE-HATE-HATE my arms.  So while you're showing off that bikini bottom full of dimples and stretch marks all SUMMER long, I promise to wear spaghetti straps, halter dresses, tube tops and all that stuff that I purposefully AVOID.  This will be a huge accomplishment for me if successful. So this commercial is motivation for all of us. Oh ... an checkout how beautiful some of my fav plus size models are in swimwear.

Nicole Simone
Tess Holiday

Gabi Fresh

Chasity Garner