Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oscar's BIG fashion

Octavia Spencer and Melissa McCarthy where simply stunning at the 2012 Academy Awards!!!  Both of these plus size beauties rocked the red carpet in gowns with sleeves and for me that was the perfect sign to the beginning of a new era.  Finding a plus size dress with sleeves is so rare but to find one with sleeves that serve a purpose -adding pizazz and spunk- is even more unheard of.  But O and M did it!!!  To me, and a lot of other fashion critics, Octavia was considered one of the best dressed.  She wore a hand beaded design by Tadashi Shoji, adding curves in all the right places!!!  On to other Oscar fashion talk...despite the bad press and wardrobe malfunctioning (when will the stars learn)  I loved the oh so SEXY, CLEAVAGE SHOWING, LOW BACK wearing, BAD ASS Jennifer Lopez!!! She was simply GORGEOUS!!!  Yes, it was hoochie but she looked great in it.  JLo... always looks a little more Grammy than Oscar but that's just her style.  So kudos to O, M, and J, my Oscar favs!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Need YOUR Support

We all know how difficult losing weight can be.  In fact, that's how this blog even came about.  The overall belief is that if you stay focused, eat right, and exercise regularly then you'll see results.  Well the very first piece is where we often fall short.  It's the staying FOCUSED part of this whole thing that spoils your ability to eat right and definitely exercise.  Have you ever had a work-out buddy that never wanted to work-out.  Well I'm sure that didn't make you more focused.  Or what about that homegirl that hates Subway but loves Burger King.  And God forbid you visit your mother...the same mother that complains about how fat you are but bakes you a pound cake every time you visit.  This is just unacceptable FRIENDS, MOTHERS, SISTERS and COUSINS!!!  If this describes your support system guess what...they suck!  Unfortunately, the majority of these people are irreplaceable...I know because I love my mommy to pieces. But work-out buddies are irreplaceable.  I'm not saying get rid of your friends but don't plan to work-out with them and never hesitate to demand a stop at Subway while she eats her burger.  And if you're the rider and not the driver, pack snacks and eat before you go.  The bottom line, if you're on the weightloss journey don't surround yourself with a NEGATIVE support system.  It makes your journey that much harder.  Find YOUR Support...TODAY!!!!  

Friday, February 24, 2012

I'm Not Your Spokesperson

I am not a huge fan of Glee!  There, I said it!  Everyone loves that show but honestly it makes me jealous.  So jealous in fact, that I hardly ever watch it.  Now let's walk down memory lane for 2.5 seconds.  I was the best dang actress on my high school drama team.  I was President of the Drama Club and received numerous awards for my talents.  But Nooooooo, you can't possibly go to college and major in theater!  WHY?  Because you can't sing!!!!  So there, I said it! I am not a huge fan of Glee!  Now for all you Glee lovers...I know how passionate you are so I ask that you refrain from sending hate mail until you finish reading this post.  Although, I'm not a huge fan of Glee.  Yes, I said it again.  However, I love many of the actors and I'm beyond impressed by their talents.  To be real, Amber Riley is my girl!!! Did you see her tribute to Whitney Houston...beautiful!  Well Ms. Riley is making BBB headlines but not for her singing ability!  The Glee star is down two dress-sizes and when she was asked how she did it, you'll never believe what she said, "decided I was going to make a change and eat healthier."  She totally credits her new body to improved eating habits and exercise.  It's so refreshing to see a star lose weight and not get sucked into the spokesperson monsoon!!!  We've seen it time and time again.  J. Hud loves Weight Watchers, Queen Latifah loves Jenny Craig, and now Janet Jackson loves Nutrisystem.  But Amber Riley (so far) is loving herself...2 dresses sizes smaller might I add.  GO Amber!!!!  Keep singing your heart out and living a more healthier YOU!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Give me MY scale!!!

I'm not going to lie, I back slid.  My downward slopping mountain to weight loss unfortunately took a u-turn.  Simply put...I gained weight!!!  URGGGG!!!  I found out like a week and half ago (when a friend returned my scale after having it for a month and half) but I was too ashamed to even own up to it.  Instead, I decided to immediately take action so that when I did report the bad news, I could at least share a little positivity with it.  I'm not even going to say how much I gained but just know that I've already lost all but two pounds of that.  Some people have the privilege of being able to live without a scale, they say so confidently "Oh I know I've lost weight because I feel it in my spirit!" Well believe me...I thought I felt it in my spirit but the weight loss gods were definitely tricking me.  I now know that I can NOT live without my scale.  I need it in my life to keep me on track.  Unfortunately, with my up and down body type, metabolism on constant rewind, and overall LOVE for food-food-and more food...I will not let anyBODY borrow my scale.  NOT even the weight loss gods.      

Thursday, February 16, 2012


I know what you're thinking.  Workalicious?!?!  What's that?!?!  This girl never talks about her job.  All she must do is shop online!  Well I do in fact work, everyday might I add.  And I don't look half bad when I'm there.  Eventhough I'm more of a jeans and sparkle/glitter kind of girl, I absolutely love a nice, new pair of work pants with a solid color blouse and blazer!  It makes me feel all grown inside.  So I have to give kudos to the Big Girl Mall favorite, Ashley Stewart.  I am not a huge Ashley fan, to me there clothes tend to look like they came from the mall.  Yes, I know they do but they don't have to look like it!  However, I have to give props where props are due.  Ashley has these dress slacks called "Perfect Pants" and let me just say the name is quite befitting.  They're comfortable, they come in wide or straight leg (I prefer the wide) and they even have talls and petites!  I fell in love with these pants!!! So much in love that I brought them in four different colors.  When I find a pair of dress pants that I love, I just have to take advantage of the product.  I'm only 5 foot 2 inches so it's very seldom that I find a pair of pants that fit me just right even if they are petites.  I usually know that when I buy jeans or slacks, I might as well drive straight to the cleaners to have them hemmed. Well, I got to bring these straight home to hang in my closet!!! So thumbs up Ashley...your "Perfect Pant" really is perfect!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

V-day Victory

Well, if your V-day was anything like mine it was a regular Tuesday evening with a few treats sprinkled in.  I almost said not needed treats but those same treats that discombobulate my figure sure do boost my spirits.  It's amazing how a simple box of chocolates from a man sends your heart pumping a lot quicker than receiving that box from Mommy.  In reality, what would have been smart is to ask for a teddy bear instead of something that you know you can't resist sticking in your mouth.  But once again, if your like me and didn't give a heads up to the dos-and-don'ts of V-day your now sitting at your desk contemplating the second half of the box.  Well I have the perfect solution.  It will take a little will power and putting your selfish intentions to the side but here it goes anyway.  Leave that nice half eaten box of chocolates on the kitchen table at your job and before you renege on your decision and run back to clam your V-day Victory, you'll find now an empty box of chocolates sitting in the trash can.  Don't be sad...get happy!!  You saved your self from a V-day Tragedy and made your co-workers day that much brighter!!!  Just don't tell the boo that you gave his chocolates to the year your V-day maybe full of NOTHING. 

Happy Belated V-day!!!!
Signed BBB

Monday, February 13, 2012

Grammy Recap

Let's get right to it...WOMP WOMP!!! The display of quality fashion at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards was a SOLID disappointment.  There was not one gown, hair style, pump NOTHING that I saw worth googling.  I say google because I surely cannot buy any of the stuff they wear but I can certainly Internet stalk it.  However, those dresses were not even worth the time and energy that it would take my fingers to type.  I will give it to Alicia Keys, her neck piece was pretty stunning!  I love the triangular shaped gold necklace being worn with her slick back updo.  But her overall appearance was just OK...I'm over the simple black dress.  That's the easy way to play it safe.  Now, for my girl Ledisi...what can I say?!?!  She's one of my favorite artist.  Her voice just makes me want to SANG my little heart out in the car.  But girlfriend, please-please-please take those dreads out of that same old style.  I'm sick of seeing it now!!!  She's been rocking this on every show, interview, concert you name it.  Well it's played out and long overdo for a switcharoo!!  On to my girl J. Hud...another one of my favs.  Although I was not at all feeling that dress or 1950's wig, I have to give her an A+ for showing off that bad new figure.  She puts the HOUR in the GLASS and she's looking good!!!  Go Jen!!!  Now for the guys.  Can you say YUM YUM Victor Cruz!  He's sooooo freaking cute and that cha-cha, salsa, meringue or whatever the heck he did made me want to jump through the TV.  Well maybe next year the Grammy's fashion will give me something to google but for now I'll just dream about Victor.


Thursday, February 9, 2012

I can see the LIGHT!!!!

So So So Excited!!!  BBBers, by now you know how excited I get about fabulous fashion finds.  Well I've been doing some online browsing for formal gowns and it's been a pain until NOW.  I can finally see the LIGHT at the end of the tunnel.  In fact Light In The Box is my new best friend.  They have the most beautiful dresses size 2 - 26!!!  From bridal to prom...cocktail to evening --- if you're looking they've got IT!  I even love how their website is broken down.  You can shop by color, body type, length, neckline and my favorite sleeve length.  Now for me, any website that lets me shop for dresses that are "long sleeve" "3/4 length sleeve" and even "short sleeve" has got to be the best thing since sliced bread!!!  Well, here are my favs....hit me up and let me know which one you like the best!!!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Slimming Hair

Remember that song by India Arie "I am not my hair"???  Yeah, Yeah...I love that song too.  Well unfortunately that song is only true to some degree.  No, I am not my hair! But can my hair change everything about my appearance?  HECK YEA!!!!  You can have on the baddest set, accessories flawless, make-up oooh sooo fresh but if your hair is busted, not a good fit for the outfit/look you're going for, or just unbecoming then everything else is in vain.  The same holds true for size appeal.  If you're trying to look your slimmest what better way to throw off your goal then to rock a hair style that gives your face more curve than your body.  Well today on TLC they feature the 10 Hairstyles That Make You Look Thinner.  And let me just say... that bob that I've been wanting for the last year is probably not a good idea.  Check out the dos and don'ts to Slimming Hair!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Color Me NOT Bad

Sunkist Orange, Mellow Yellow, HOT as HELL Pink and of course Poppin Purple are some of my favorite colors to rock 365.  Now granted most people wear the brightest colors in the spring and summer only but I will rock them in December and June alike.  You call it a fashion faux pas...I call it wearing what I want.  Plus, have you ever woke up on the grinch side of the bed but when you pull out your newest mellow yellow blouse you go from scrooge to barney.  Well that's why I rock the brightest colors whenever my mood feels like it.  However, if your OCD can't handle sunkist in snow, feel free to check out MSN's Prettiest Spring Finds.

My favorite of these are #1 and #7!!!  Love, Love, Love the pencil skirt...

Friday, February 3, 2012


Have you ever been on information overload?!?!?  Well that's how I feel when it comes to weight-loss.  There are diets, doctors, drugs, and drinks all equaling unaswered dreams of losing 10 to 1,000 pounds!  There are so many gimicks and quick fix skeems that somewhere along the way I've forgot how simple this thing should be.  **You eat less and exercise more and you lose weight.**  BBB this is not rocket science it's SIMPLE math.  Well, I truly enjoyed this yahoo weight-loss article.  It reminded me of how simple weight loss can be.