Wednesday, February 15, 2012

V-day Victory

Well, if your V-day was anything like mine it was a regular Tuesday evening with a few treats sprinkled in.  I almost said not needed treats but those same treats that discombobulate my figure sure do boost my spirits.  It's amazing how a simple box of chocolates from a man sends your heart pumping a lot quicker than receiving that box from Mommy.  In reality, what would have been smart is to ask for a teddy bear instead of something that you know you can't resist sticking in your mouth.  But once again, if your like me and didn't give a heads up to the dos-and-don'ts of V-day your now sitting at your desk contemplating the second half of the box.  Well I have the perfect solution.  It will take a little will power and putting your selfish intentions to the side but here it goes anyway.  Leave that nice half eaten box of chocolates on the kitchen table at your job and before you renege on your decision and run back to clam your V-day Victory, you'll find now an empty box of chocolates sitting in the trash can.  Don't be sad...get happy!!  You saved your self from a V-day Tragedy and made your co-workers day that much brighter!!!  Just don't tell the boo that you gave his chocolates to the year your V-day maybe full of NOTHING. 

Happy Belated V-day!!!!
Signed BBB

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