Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Need YOUR Support

We all know how difficult losing weight can be.  In fact, that's how this blog even came about.  The overall belief is that if you stay focused, eat right, and exercise regularly then you'll see results.  Well the very first piece is where we often fall short.  It's the staying FOCUSED part of this whole thing that spoils your ability to eat right and definitely exercise.  Have you ever had a work-out buddy that never wanted to work-out.  Well I'm sure that didn't make you more focused.  Or what about that homegirl that hates Subway but loves Burger King.  And God forbid you visit your mother...the same mother that complains about how fat you are but bakes you a pound cake every time you visit.  This is just unacceptable FRIENDS, MOTHERS, SISTERS and COUSINS!!!  If this describes your support system guess what...they suck!  Unfortunately, the majority of these people are irreplaceable...I know because I love my mommy to pieces. But work-out buddies are irreplaceable.  I'm not saying get rid of your friends but don't plan to work-out with them and never hesitate to demand a stop at Subway while she eats her burger.  And if you're the rider and not the driver, pack snacks and eat before you go.  The bottom line, if you're on the weightloss journey don't surround yourself with a NEGATIVE support system.  It makes your journey that much harder.  Find YOUR Support...TODAY!!!!  

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