Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Color Me NOT Bad

Sunkist Orange, Mellow Yellow, HOT as HELL Pink and of course Poppin Purple are some of my favorite colors to rock 365.  Now granted most people wear the brightest colors in the spring and summer only but I will rock them in December and June alike.  You call it a fashion faux pas...I call it wearing what I want.  Plus, have you ever woke up on the grinch side of the bed but when you pull out your newest mellow yellow blouse you go from scrooge to barney.  Well that's why I rock the brightest colors whenever my mood feels like it.  However, if your OCD can't handle sunkist in snow, feel free to check out MSN's Prettiest Spring Finds.

My favorite of these are #1 and #7!!!  Love, Love, Love the pencil skirt...

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