Thursday, October 17, 2019

Bermuda Bombshell

To say this summer was a rough one is an understatement. After undergoing knee surgery and months of recovery, which I'm still going through, a vacay was desperately needed. Thankfully, I booked a trip to Bermuda back in December, long before I knew I'd be having surgery this June. So, basically God knew I needed Bermuda long-before I knew. Well it was a trip to remember! Bermuda is picture perfect, foodie approved, adventure equipped and a relaxation haven. It has everything a traveler might be interested in doing and seeing or not doing and seeing. The goal for my trip leaned more toward the not doing and seeing side, primarily because relaxation was on my mind after the stressful couple of months that I've had. But I'm too much of an explorer/adventurer type not to get into a little something-something.  So, my friends and I enjoyed a chill day at Horseshoe Bay Beach which was gorgeous even with a few rain drops and partially cloudy skies. We also toured the inside of Bermuda's Crystal Caves. I still can't believe I managed the 83 steps down and back up ... slowly of course but still an accomplishment. Our driving tour of the island facilitated by Gloria with Winsome Tours was amazing. She gave us a great history lesson and feel for life on the island of Bermuda. We drove through several cities and towns including Hamilton, the capital. We visited one of Bermuda's historical churches, crossed the smallest draw bridge in the world, saw Bermuda's beautiful lighthouse, drove by celebrities homes, saw where the Prime Minister lives aka Bermuda's White House and more. Oh and the food! I had one of the best fish sandwiches that I've had in life at Anchor Bar in the Dock Yard. I also had the most delicious fish nuggets at the little cafe located at the Crystal Caves. Yummm, I'm still thinking about the food! We also got a taste of Bermuda's night life when we went out for drinks and music at Bone Fish Bar and Grill and dancing at Snorkel Bar Beach which was lots of fun. As for affordability, we saved a little money by taking a cruise which cut down on hotel fees. However, in comparison to other Caribbean islands that I've visited, it was on the pricey side. For example, that amazing fish sandwich came with fries and I also ordered one cocktail to help wash it down of course :) ... well my bill came to $35. Locals explained that Bermuda exports almost everything and tourism is their largest industry. Despite the $35 sandwich and drink, it's still well worth the trip. Bermudians take pride in their country and it shows. Next time I'd love to spend more time in Hamilton and visit St. George. As for what I wore ... here are my favorite two swim looks / beach outfits from the trip. And yes, I kept it #FrugallyFly.  Peep my new inexpensive accessories, like this $1 brim hat, $4 turban and $5 beach bag.

Swim Top - Torrid
Wide Leg Pants - I don't remember ... they're old! LOL
Hat - Dollar Store
Swim Set - Swimsuits for All
Cover Up - Rainbow
Turban - Local Beauty Supply Store
Purse - Five Below