Thursday, March 31, 2016

Ebony Blessings

The month of March was full of blessings for the Big Bold and Beautiful community.  We survived our "Lent Season" fasts. We were blessed on Easter Sunday with pound cake because Jesus rose. It is now socially acceptable to wear those white sandals that we purchased on sale at the end of summer.  And last but not least, we were showered with Ebony blessings.  In particular four Ebony blessings by the name of:

1. Jazmine Sullivan
2. Chrisette Michele
3. Gabi "Fresh" Gregg
4. Danielle Brooks

These four curvy beauties graced the March cover of Ebony Magazine as "The Body Brigade."  When the magazine hit the stands, heads turned.  Sorry, that's an understatement...they were spinning (LITERALLY).

The cover was the topic of conversation on social media, in newspapers, on television and in barbershops (LOL).

This was a bold move by Ebony.  To take their magazine and use it as a platform to show how beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.  In particular, a platform that for decades has been the coveted home of traditional models.  And when I say traditional, that means size triple zero, thigh gap, perky boobs and flat tummys.

So on behalf of all the plus size women of the world, I thank you!  Thank you for being Big, Bold and Beautiful.  Thank you for blessing us with the Body Brigade.