Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Fall Fun

Well it's only a month into Fall but it has been a busy one. I'm not complaining though, I've had a blast. Unfortunately, I have neglected to update my BBB Fam. So what have I been doing...traveling, partying, eating out and enjoying my life to the fullest. Last Fall was extremely difficult for me. I had only been single a few months, it was turning cold outside and frankly, I just wasn't used to not having a snuggle buddy. Well this Fall, I'm elated to report that it's a new day. I'm not sulking in the coldness of the season, instead I'm embracing my singleness. In fact, I'm so busy that when I am home, I'm too tired to feel lonely. I'm excited to plop down in my favorite over-sized chair, prop my feet up on the matching cushy ottoman, sip a cup of hot chocolate and Netflix and chill with me, myself and I.  Recently, I had someone tell me that I keep myself busy because I'm not comfortable with being alone. I beg to differ! I keep myself busy because I'm an outgoing person by nature. Trust me, I had lots of time to deal with my breakup, I've cried more than one person should ever cry. Do I feel lonely sometimes, well of course. But even when I was in a relationship, I was always on the go and it wasn't always with my significant other.  I have a very large circle of family and friends so there's never a shortage of things going on and people for me to hangout with. My ex was a homebody, I definitely was not and never have been. I actually felt slightly offended by this persons statement and took a few minutes to think about if what they were saying was true. However, I came to the conclusion that regardless of the reasons why I stay on the go or as that person said "in these streets," I do what feels right and good to me and I urge others to do the same. On to where I've been, what I've done and what I've eaten. The highlights: I saw Hamilton at the Kennedy Center and it was amazing; I went to the Wendy Williams Show in New York and had so much fun; I traveled to Chicago to celebrate my friend/business partners birthday; I attended several CBC (Congressional Black Caucus) events and schmoozed with lots of great people; and have tried several new restaurants including two black owned spots in my neck of the woods ... Kitchen Cray and Milk & Honey. Both are brunch restaurants, which is the new "it thing." I'm digging the concept but as a marketing minded person I'm torn between the pros and cons of the business model. You miss out on potential customers who actually have 9 to 5, non-telework jobs but you also reduce over head costs because you're only open for 6 hours a day. Anyway, the food is bomb at both spots so I will continue to visit them when I can. So, what have I been wearing? And yes, I'm still saving money on clothes ... #FrugallyFly ... LOL!

Hamilton at The Kennedy Center
Dress: Fashion To Figure
Shoes: Payless
Clutch: Clutch Instincts
Necklace: Paparazzi
Rooftop CBC Party on Capitol Hill
Dress: Fashion to Figure
Shoes: Rainbow
Earrings: H&M
CBC Party at the Marriott
Jumpsuit: Fashion to Figure
Shoes: Payless
Necklace: Charming Charlie
Clutch: Clutch Instincts
New York - Heading to Wendy Williams Show
Shirt: Ashley Stewart
High Waist Pants: Fashion to Figure
Shoes: Rainbow
Purse: BCBG
Earrings: H&M
Chicago - Downtown Hyde Park
Moto Jacket - Ashley Stewart
Jeans w/ Mesh Cutout - Ashley Stewart
Shoes - Payless
Purse - Steve Madden
Earrings - H&M