Monday, February 13, 2012

Grammy Recap

Let's get right to it...WOMP WOMP!!! The display of quality fashion at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards was a SOLID disappointment.  There was not one gown, hair style, pump NOTHING that I saw worth googling.  I say google because I surely cannot buy any of the stuff they wear but I can certainly Internet stalk it.  However, those dresses were not even worth the time and energy that it would take my fingers to type.  I will give it to Alicia Keys, her neck piece was pretty stunning!  I love the triangular shaped gold necklace being worn with her slick back updo.  But her overall appearance was just OK...I'm over the simple black dress.  That's the easy way to play it safe.  Now, for my girl Ledisi...what can I say?!?!  She's one of my favorite artist.  Her voice just makes me want to SANG my little heart out in the car.  But girlfriend, please-please-please take those dreads out of that same old style.  I'm sick of seeing it now!!!  She's been rocking this on every show, interview, concert you name it.  Well it's played out and long overdo for a switcharoo!!  On to my girl J. Hud...another one of my favs.  Although I was not at all feeling that dress or 1950's wig, I have to give her an A+ for showing off that bad new figure.  She puts the HOUR in the GLASS and she's looking good!!!  Go Jen!!!  Now for the guys.  Can you say YUM YUM Victor Cruz!  He's sooooo freaking cute and that cha-cha, salsa, meringue or whatever the heck he did made me want to jump through the TV.  Well maybe next year the Grammy's fashion will give me something to google but for now I'll just dream about Victor.


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