Wednesday, June 15, 2022

What I Wore in SD

First of all I have to say please forgive me because this post is so late. Memorial Day weekend I took a last-minute trip to San Diego and fell in love. It’s such a beautiful city made up of diverse landscape, culture and food … all some my favorite things. I spent most of my time exploring, walking and taking in the sites. So, I made sure that I packed comfortable clothes and shoes. It was probably my first trip where the majority of the shoes in my luggage were sneakers. My top highlights were visiting the Japanese Friendship Garden, going to a Padres game and having dinner at Juniper and Ivy. I also really enjoyed La Jolla Cove and Coronado Island. The Japanese Friendship Garden is absolutely stunning and so serene. The San Diego padres stadium is one of the coolest stadiums that I’ve visited. and Juniper and Ivy, well there is no explaining it, you just have to visit. Food a 10, ambiance a 10 and service a 10. Actually, I take that back, the food is a 15. Anyway, you get the point. Well enough about that, I know you came to see what I wore. First of all, I bought nothing new…I told you it was a last minute trip. Second of all, comfort was key…I did a lot of walking and it was chilly in the morning and evening . And lastly, I wore lots of dresses…I hate checking a bag and dresses take up less space. 

So here’s what I wore in SD!

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