Sunday, December 14, 2014

Social Action

I would never consider myself an activist and this blog is definitely not a platform for social action. However the things I wear are BIG, the things I do are BOLD and the things I love are BEAUTIFUL. Well yeaterday, December 13, was a BOLD and BEAUTIFUL day. I participated in the National March Against Police Violence held in DC by the Nation Action Network. My linesisters and I marched alongside thousands of Black, White, Latino and Asian Americans from Freedom Plaza to the Capitol Building.  I can't say that our efforts will bring about change today or tomorrow but I'm optimistic for our future sons, grandsons and great-grandsons that they won't have to march for the same cause because we've already done so for them. We heard awesome words of motivation to keep the momentum going from Rev. Al Sharpton, Sybrina Fulton (Trayvon Martin's mom), Esaw Garner (Eric Garner's wife) and more. Respected celebrities such as Spike Lee and Judge Mathis even marched alongside us (not to mention a few politicians and tons of journalists).  It was definitely POWERFUL and a day I'll never forget. #blacklivesmatter #bluelivesmatter alllivesmatter

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