Friday, March 2, 2012

The Curvy Girl Shopping Guide

How did I ever miss this amazing feature, "Top 20 brands for Curvy Girls," posted to the Essence Magazine website last summer!!!  I'm sooooo excited, there were several brands that I had never heard of and I thought I knew EVERY curvy girl label that's ever existed.  I'm even more excited that this list did not include the MALL HAGS...Ashley Stewart, Lane Bryant, Avenue, Torrid ... you get the picture.  Never mention to a clueless (AKA size two, always been a size two, never will be a size three) person the lack of fashion options for plus size women, they're quick to play "devil's advocate" pronouncing the MALL HAGS.  However, the Essence Magazine list was pretty all encompassing from jeans, to beach/summer gear, everyday work/casual, formal and more.  I look at it like a great shopping guide.  If you're looking for something very specific like a new bathing suite or little black dress,instead of going to the mall aka google, go to these individual sites and search specifics.  You'll never find what your looking for at the mall and google ... well it's google.

Happy FRIDAY...Happy SHOPPING!!!! 

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