Monday, March 19, 2012


This latest post is strictly an ode to one of my favorite cousins.  You're favorite people are usually associated with the things you have in common and let's just say shopping for me and my cousin isn't one of those.  She and I love the movies, road-trips, good food and more but SHOPPING wouldn't even make the "we're bored" list.  I love to shop but she hates it.  Now only because she's looking for something to wear to a wedding did she ask me to go shopping with her over the weekend.  Me, I'm ecstatic...My Cousin, she's terrified.  We get in the store and I pick out several really great outfits that I know will work for her.  Picking out clothing is the easy part.  The hard part is getting her to try them on.  How in the HECK is she going to know if she likes it by eyeballing it on a hanger.  Then I get the age old excuse..."well if you try it on then I'll know if I like it or not."  NO YOU WILL NOT!!!  My cousin was blessed in all the areas that I was not.  She's almost a foot taller than I and her boobs are double the size of mine.  Then I get the second age old excuse..."well it's my size, I'm sure it will fit."  NO YOU ARE NOT!!!  Every store has a size chart for a reason, you may fluctuate a size if not two depending upon the store.  So, I don't care how many excuses you can come up with in a five second interval...when you go shopping with me, you will be trying on each item before you buy it!!! 
Happy Monday!!!

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