Thursday, March 22, 2012

How Short is TOOOO Short

So the age old question that today's designer is oblivious to has snuck up to bite me in the booty.  I bought an absolutely fabulous dress for my b-day but it's waaaaaay tooooooo short.  How do I know?  1. When I stand up straight and hold my hands straight down the dress doesn't reach the tip of my finger.  2. When I bend over your eyes take a joy ride. 3. If I sit down my sensitive area touches things that I'm uncomfortable with (toooo much for my OCD). 4. My mother would ask me if I've lost my mind.  Now, I tried this dress on in the store and I certainly don't remember it being this short.  I even had a co-signer to agree.  So I have several options and I have two weeks to figure it out.  I can wear tights but I'll have to change my shoes.  I can wear leggings but I don't want to wear leggings on my birthday.  Or I can buy a new dress but I like the one that I already have.  Decisions-Decisions!!! Stay tuned...

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