Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Women are the most amazing creatures on earth for sooooo many reasons!  It's the unique beauty, personality, style and strength that I admire about every woman that I know.  But no matter how powerful we think we are, there's one word that has the ability to break us down every Summer.  That one word...BIKINI will make a grown woman sprint into panic mode.  When it starts to get even a little hot outside, the least athletic of all women will start doing sit-ups, push-ups, juicing and more.  Now for the big girl, all it takes is the mention of a bathing suit to send us into cardiac arrest.  But it doesn't have to be that serious.  There are tons of suits for women of all sizes that look sexy and still conceal in all the right places.  Check out these designs by Monif C. (one of my favorite designers)... she has a number of options for thicker women of all shapes.  And don't forget the "BBB pick of the Week"'s a bikini for the big girl (another Monif C. design)!!!


Shape: APPLE

Shape: PEAR


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