Friday, March 9, 2012

Don't mess with my hips!

Congratulations to Ananda Marchildon, model and former winner of "Holland's Next Top Model."  She won a lawsuit this week against her former agency, Elite Model Management.  She sued after she was dropped prematurely from her three-year contract because she failed to meet the 90 centimeter hip measurement required by Elite.  However, when she won Top Model, thus gaining this contract, her hips already measured at 92 centimeters even then.  First of all, we're talking about 2 freaking centimeters.  Second of all, whether her hips are 90 centimeters, 92 centimeters or 95 centimeters...I'm sure not a single being would have classified Marchildon as FAT. This is the problem with today's young women.  It's this obsession with beauty and bones that makes people have low self-esteem, starve themselves, and in some cases commit suicide.  For some people the pressure is to much to handle and's really not that serious!!!  So if you haven't had a burger in a while (beef, turkey or veggie), I say treat's only two freaking centimeters!!! 

Photo of Ananda Marchildon provided by Sloggi


  1. Yes! I heard about this in the news and totally agree, mainly because I love cheeseburgers. Great job with the blog, keep it up!