Thursday, June 21, 2012

Getting My *** Kicked

So It's been two weeks since I joined the gym and started working with a trainer.  Well just for the record, I'm getting my *** kicked.  Now granted I need it but I can barely feel my legs.  When I leave the gym I feel like I've been hit with bricks.  It's a great thing but let's just be honest, in the moment you feel like you're going to die.  This first of all confirms that I'm sooooo out of shape it's not even funny and second of all, those people that say they love working out are either crazy, lying or not working out hard enough.  So if you're one of those gym freaks who leaves after an hour and feels like you could run another mile then you haven't did SH!!  Turn your *** around, get back on that elliptical and pump up both volumes.  The volume settings on that machine and the one on your ipod.  And don't be the workout princess running to Alicia Keys and Adele ... trust me, your results are limited.  But if you pump Katie Perry and Beyonce then you might drag out like you just GOT YOUR *** KICKED TOO! 

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