Thursday, September 6, 2012

Self Reflections

Sometimes in life you have to re-evaluate self.  Not just the do's and don'ts of being you. But looking deep and asking yourself what's important to you.  Those morals and values that you follow, believe, and hold ... are those still deep and deer to your heart?  Or have you lost something along the way?  Was it lost as you introduced new habits, people or even priorties in your life.  Do the things that make you a GOOD person also make you a better person?  The importance of money, materialistic objects, love and life are not just important because they are.  They're important because they're a catalyst for more important things in life ... like you joy, peace of mind, comfort, and self appreciation just to name a few.  But what controls you?  Or do you let self control you?  It's a thin line between happiness and satisfaction, joy and contemptment, love and manipulation.  Do you have joy in your heart or are you just content with day-to-day YOU?  Life's about Good Friends and getting rid of bad ones.  Life is about true LOVE and never settling for knock-offs.  Life is about wearing a dress that makes you feel good not scream wealth.  In recent self reflections I've had to break down my life on a level that I should have dove into a long time ago.  So I have to ask... have you reflected on self lately?  Have you evaluated what's important to you?  Have you carved out a plan to make you life the best life that it can possibly be?  Don't ask what's best for's about what's best for you!!!

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