Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Peplum Paradise

To say the concept of peplum has caught on is an understatement. Peplum is what colored skinny jean were two years ago, or wedges six years ago or bell bottoms in the 70's and poodle skirts in the 50's. And although I love rocking the latest fashions and would definitely call myself a "Trendy" girl, most trends are not at all for me or any woman like me. Now the peplum, is however an exception to the rule. This trend is one that I gravitated to quickly and have remained BFFs with from day one. The peplum is a "roll" hiding genius. Fat rolls, I speak of. And for every skinny or thicky with a little extra in the mid section, the peplum is a friend of yours. Well I came across  this article on Glamor.com and although its almost a year old, it's definitely one you'll want to checkout. Because if you are like me and living in the peplum paradise then you'll want to know the 7 ways to rock it. http://www.glamour.com/fashion/blogs/dressed/2012/08/7-ways-to-wear-a-peplum-this-f.html

Oh...and here are some of my fav peplum looks :)


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