Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Thinning Hair

Okay, okay...right off the break I know you're thinking "Why is BBB writing about hair loss?"! Well, not exactly.  This article is all about hair styles that make you look thin.  If you're like me then you've tried almost every slimming method there is...all black everything, shape by belt, pointy toe heels and straight-leg pants daily.  But I've never tried nor thought about hair styles that make you look thinner.  However, when I think about the concept, it makes perfect sense.  Brides are constantly trying to look for slimming styles on their special day so after a quick google search I found this telling article by Daily Makeover - 10 hairstyles That Make You Look 10 Pounds Thinner.  Now, granted I'm hoping for more like 25 pounds slimmer but I'll take the 10.  Check out some of my favs.

Asymmetrical Bob

Heightened Updo

Side Part

Wispy Bangs

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