Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Little Goth Never Hurt Anyone-Continued....

Soooooo everything in my world right now (or at least my favorite things) are Goth approved!  Nails, clothes, hair and now makeup!  I recently picked up "Black Cherry" lipstick by Milani and I'm in love.  I was concerned about how it would look on me considering it's black cherry in color and well...I'm black cherry in color but it actually looks great.  I'm just getting into Milani cosmetics and so far I'm a fan.  I've always been a bit boojie when it comes to makeup...rocking primarily Mac and Mary Kay but those don't fancy my pockets the same as Milani.  Granted I'm still quite boojie when it comes to my foundation and mascara but I'm loving my new lip colors.  Anyway, I think "Black Cherry" is a great color for ladies of all skin tones and a great addition for the fall.  Right now, CVS is running a BOGO Milani Cosmetics sale.  By one Milani product, get the second one half off.  So I got both "Black Cherry" and "Sweet Nectar" for only $9.43.  Don't you just love a good bargain!!  I haven't tried "Sweet Nectar" yet...but when I do I'll let you know.

Happy Tuesday!


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