Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Happy Fall

Happy first day of fall to all my BBB thinkers!!!  I absolutely love fall but my favorite things about the season of colorful leaves are probably not the reasons you're thinking about.  For me, it's all about comfort, concealing and color.

1. Sleeves in and sleeveless out
  • I hate wearing my arms out...still waiting for Michelle Obama guns but until then...I'll conceal.

3. Straight Hair
  • My hair is HUGE!!!  It's thick, it's long and frizzes easily.  If summer and my hair are enemies, fall and my hair are BFFs.

2. Scarf sensation
  • I LOVE wearing scarves (no explanation needed), may be my second favorite accessory. Purses/Clutches is the first!

4. Orange, Yellow and Green
  • Yes, I love a season because of a color or two or three.  Not my favorite color (that would be purple) but their classic and simple with just enough pop for my life.

5. Sandals
  • Their still perfectly acceptable outdoor attire (at least until November).  My feet like to breathe.
Happy Fall!!!

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