Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Bringing Summer To Fall

I love when I discover that I have two "quote - unquote"  summer-pieces that when put together work well in the fall.  In my mind this is a definite score!  I get at least one or two more rocks before boxing it up until the next season.  Which in my mind, means never wearing again.  It's not that I'm sooooo boogie that I can't wear "last season" items, it's more about my thirst for shopping.  Most likely, by next season, I will not have room for last season items in my closet.  So off too Goodwill and Dress For Success or whatever my charity of choice that year. Well these two pieces, Fancy and Flawless Graphic Tee and High-Low Skater Skirt are perfect summer to fall pieces.  By the way, both are from and currently on sale...they weren't when I got them so enjoy that price drop!


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